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TheTravellingLemon Thu 17-Sep-15 08:20:14

Anyone heard of this? I got given some moisturiser for my birthday and it's really lovely, but it's not a brand I've ever heard of or seen around. Does anyone know what it is or how I get my hands on more?

NattyGolfJerkin Thu 17-Sep-15 08:23:57

I've only ever heard of the wraps that you have at beauty spas, the ones that temporarily drain fluid and so make you lose inches for a bit. Maybe Google or look for thalgo spas as a first point of call.

TheTravellingLemon Thu 17-Sep-15 11:01:28

Ahh, thank you. I seem to have posted this twice somehow blush.

The moisturiser is really good, I'll have a Google and see what I can find.

WickedWax Thu 17-Sep-15 13:18:10

Thalgo products are lovely - and expensive! They do a lot of products for the beauty industry, I buy my wax from them.

murphys Thu 17-Sep-15 13:33:07

Very nice products. Usually used at spas and salons.

TheTravellingLemon Thu 17-Sep-15 15:58:46

Thanks. I wonder where my mil got it from then. Maybe she went to a spa or something and picked it up there.

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