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Black or navy opaques?

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Lagoonablue Wed 16-Sep-15 19:05:46

Got a navy dress. Got black shoes. What colour tights???????

BikeRunSki Wed 16-Sep-15 19:06:47


BikeRunSki Wed 16-Sep-15 19:07:39

Actually, I'd probably wear grey, but given the choice of black or navy I'd go for navy.

Floisme Wed 16-Sep-15 19:09:16


Lagoonablue Wed 16-Sep-15 20:32:15

Thanks. Never thought of grey.

RomComPhooey Wed 16-Sep-15 20:32:54


Twolefttoes Wed 16-Sep-15 20:33:41

Grey if wearing black shoes.

verenti Wed 16-Sep-15 20:34:20

I would wear black tights.

mrslebon Wed 16-Sep-15 22:44:08

Definitely not black. Navy, grey or aubergine.

Lagoonablue Fri 18-Sep-15 06:38:27

Think navy wins it based on this poll. Thanks.

leghoul Fri 18-Sep-15 11:45:28

from navy v black, I'd wear black tights if the shoes are black, and grey tights otherwise. navy tights if shoes are navy/browns
picky doesnt apply same rules to self

orlakielyimnot Fri 18-Sep-15 15:27:09

ooh, helpful thread. Can anyone offer S&B a mini class in this?

SarahManning Fri 18-Sep-15 15:36:37

I struggle with this as I don't like to wear navy and black together and tend to not buy navy dresses unless they can be worn with bare legs and nude or grey shoes. Can you wear different shoes?

leghoul Fri 18-Sep-15 16:59:28

I think most shoes can go with navy dresses.. colours, reds, browns, etc. It's a good neutral base colour. I think that the main dilemma is black tights.. I wear navy dresses with black tights and black shoes because my favourite type of tights are black but not totally opaque and I feel weird wearing them with coloured shoes. Different shoe colour requires different tights. I may be breaking lots of rules hmm grey works though as well

Oly5 Sat 19-Sep-15 07:02:30

Grey woollen ones - every time!!!

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