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I cant find ANY shoes!!

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Bullettoothtony Wed 16-Sep-15 16:52:40

I'm ok in summer, because I love sandals/flip flops; look good with jeans or dresses, day or night

Winter is fine, because I can wear long boots the same; day or night with jeans/trousers/dresses

But I have no clue what to wear in autumn/spring confused. I have a pair of man type brogues for wearing to work with office trousers. What can I wear out??

I used to be a trainer type of girl, but probably am looking for something a little bit smarter. I don't feel ok in ballet pump type shoes...they feel too dainty for me. I don't do heels or pointy toes. What am I looking for??

phoolani Wed 16-Sep-15 16:57:28

I could've written this post. Now I live in these in autumn/spring,30/1162702740. Flat, not pointy and with a bit of bulk to them. I have them in black and the light grey and they go with everything.

phoolani Wed 16-Sep-15 16:58:15

Link didn't work, but they're the Extravaganza loafer.

EmilyPunkhurst Wed 16-Sep-15 17:00:24

Depends quite a lot on what you wear to go out.

Mary Janes or slippers? (especially velvet - huge for autumn).

bulletpoint Wed 16-Sep-15 17:12:31

Difficult one, what about something like this:

ankle boots

I know you said you don't do heels but also fed up with ballet pumps, thought this was somewhat in between, and can be dressed up.

EmilyPunkhurst Wed 16-Sep-15 17:13:22

Realised the ambiguity of what I wrote: I meant, depends what clothes you wear.

PrimalLass Wed 16-Sep-15 17:14:37

I'm still wearing sandals. It is more summer just now than it was in the summer, IYSWIM. I'll go straight to boots, when suddenly it's frosty in the morning.

bulletpoint Wed 16-Sep-15 17:18:01

Or something like this smart shoe.

bulletpoint Wed 16-Sep-15 17:20:12

Or even smart shoe 2

Bullettoothtony Wed 16-Sep-15 18:33:18

The ankle boots are too high heeled
I like the shape of the loafers I think, but not the tassels...

Keeptrudging Wed 16-Sep-15 18:42:01

I've just lost an hour on that website, lots of nice boots, am sensing some sneaky shopping grin

bulletpoint Thu 17-Sep-15 10:08:48

Keep wink

OP its looks like we might be getting somewhere! how about these then smart shoe 3

Petal02 Thu 17-Sep-15 12:18:11

I have this dilemma too. Ideally I'd go from sandals straight to boots, but it never quite works out. So I bridge the gap by wearing ballet pumps for work and going out, and Converse for very casual occasions.

OP, if you're not keen on ballet pumps, have you tried Mary Janes?

Petal02 Thu 17-Sep-15 12:19:33

TheFairyCaravan Thu 17-Sep-15 12:22:35

I had these delivered yesterday. I've got really skinny legs and ankles so was worried they'd look clumpy with tights and a skirt, but they don't. They're really comfortable too.

Bullettoothtony Thu 17-Sep-15 12:41:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bullettoothtony Thu 17-Sep-15 12:42:32

Haha! Wrong link!

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