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What shoes with this dress?

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MrsWhirling Wed 16-Sep-15 09:37:14

Wearing this dress to a wedding in a few weeks. Looks better on than off - very flattering. Not sure what shoes? They need to be high as I'm short! Pointy courts? Scrappy gladiator types? Struggling x

MrsWhirling Wed 16-Sep-15 09:37:46

Would help if I attached the dress I suppose...

mrslebon Wed 16-Sep-15 12:07:37

I'd say pointy courts. I hesitate to say nude patent cos everyone and their dog wears those. How about a powder blue suede heel? M&S did some in the summer. Or perhaps a metallic shoe? I think black will be too heavy.

burnishedsilver Wed 16-Sep-15 13:21:46


MrsWhirling Wed 16-Sep-15 15:14:08

Oooh I like! And these!

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