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I don't want a wedding dress

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VacheEspanol Tue 15-Sep-15 22:48:08

I totally understand that for lots of women a big white dress is exactly what they've always dreamed of. But it's just not my style. I don't want to wear white, cream or ivory.

I do want something special but perhaps something I might wear again. I love dressing up but rarely get the chance these days. The wedding is likely (hopefully) to be a big old party with plenty of dancing - so I need something that I can get my groove on, in.

I've had a few ideas but haven't really hit on anything definite yet. I really hope you lovely lot can help me come up with some options.

I'm size 18 and 5ft3 - so any ankle/ floor length just swamps me - on the knee or just below is good. Sleeves would be nice. Showing some cleavage would be nicer. I'm mid ish 30s.

I'm thinking a 50s sort of silhouette/ waist/ full skirt - I know that this suits me but open to trying something new. I don't shy away from bright colours or bold prints - in fact I'd welcome it!

Budget wise, I don't want to spend more than about £200.

I really like this dress from dig for victory but is it too dark/ heavy for spring/ summer (it'll rain now that i've said that!) digforvictory

Lk Bennet - love this dress but it's out of stock and is probably a little too expensive LKBennett
Coast - love this skirt but again it's out of stock and what would i wear it with? coast

Should I be waiting until next year's spring/ summer lines come out?

Anyone got any great ideas?

ChristineDePisan Tue 15-Sep-15 22:56:08

It isn't the law to have a white meringue! smile

What colour would you like ideally?

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Tue 15-Sep-15 22:57:16

Have a look at the wedding dress with petticoats, or the bridesmaid dresses, i think the 50s would suit

howtorebuild Tue 15-Sep-15 23:01:47

Oh yes, I like the dress sally linked, followed by your Green dress.

ChristineDePisan Tue 15-Sep-15 23:07:47

I love this LK Bennett one but it's above budget (but there will almost certainly be blue cross sales etc coming up which would bring the price down, if John Lewis etc stock it)

ChristineDePisan Tue 15-Sep-15 23:13:26

This green silk is a stunning colour (are you happy with knee length, or do you prefer midi length?)

ChristineDePisan Tue 15-Sep-15 23:14:55

If you decided you did want white after all, this monochrome dress is striking and would give you a good shape

AnotherEmma Tue 15-Sep-15 23:23:45

I bet a 50s swing dress would look fab! Check out Vivien of Holloway and Deadly is the Female.

VacheEspanol Tue 15-Sep-15 23:24:22

Christina please that to my sil who thinks I'm being "quirky" by not having a meringue....

AnotherEmma Tue 15-Sep-15 23:26:59

Oh and the advantage of knee length is that you can show off fabulous shoes grin

VacheEspanol Tue 15-Sep-15 23:27:41

I love the colour of that Green one but not sure about the ruching (is that a word) around the middle.

I think I'm too short for the lk Bennett one.

VacheEspanol Tue 15-Sep-15 23:29:51

anotheremma excellent point! I'm all about the shoes. I have look at Vivien of holloway before but will look again and at deadly is the female.

howto I'm off to have a look at honeypie.

ChristineDePisan Tue 15-Sep-15 23:36:40

In my book, "quirky" is a good thing smile

AnotherEmma Tue 15-Sep-15 23:38:31

What are your favourite colours, OP? You said you like bright - how about red?

Oh and I agree quirky is good! smile

VacheEspanol Tue 15-Sep-15 23:49:12

I am loving Deadly is the female grin

What about these green


but with both of those I'd worry about being sleeveless/ very thin straps. The cleavage won't cope, let alone the flabby upper arms.


Red one is a strong possibility though.

VacheEspanol Tue 15-Sep-15 23:50:10

red is good anotheremma but not sure about halternecks

VacheEspanol Tue 15-Sep-15 23:51:55

I'm up for most colours. I suit strong bright colours. Yellow, red, green would all be good.

I've also been thinking about the style of the red deadly is the female one but in african wax print. But I can't find anything.

AnotherEmma Tue 15-Sep-15 23:54:08

Ooh I like all of those! Would probably go for the first one in a different colour. I do love the tropical one but agree about the thin straps.
You could always get a bolero or shrug to cover your shoulders and upper arms. VoH do matching ones, don't know if DitF do as well...

burnishedsilver Tue 15-Sep-15 23:56:19

The advantage of white is that no one else will have the same dress at your wedding.

I suggest you have something made so that it's one of a kind.

AnotherEmma Wed 16-Sep-15 00:02:23

Could you get a dress made for £200 or less though?

I think other guests are very unlikely to wear a 50s style dress with a petticoat from a specialist vintage online store. There's more of a risk with high street shops.

What about this one: Grace Red

VacheEspanol Wed 16-Sep-15 00:31:15

burnished I'm not overly bothered if someone wears the same as me. I'd just think what excellent taste they had.

Plus i'm not sure wearing white means that no one else will - going by some of the threads on here especially the mil, the white trouser suit, and her bush grin.

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