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Going blonde...

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BogeyNights Tue 15-Sep-15 09:17:43

My hair is very grey. Very. Naturally I've always been a mid brown. I've always coloured it brown in the past, but since Christmas I've been having highlights put in to lighten it. And I have had it chopped from shoulder length to short. (Just about tucks behind my ears short.)

The ends are now pretty much 'natural' plus the bleached highlights. The roots are obvs natural plus the grey.

Can I just use a 'blonde' home kit now? I used to use Nice N Easy and was always pleased with that in the brown shades.
What will the blonde colour do to my 'natural' shade? And what will it do to my grey?
Going to the hairdressers to get more highlights and colour put in is proving expensive and I can't afford to go every few weeks anymore. Keeping my hair short is proving more expensive than having shoulder length hair.

Any advice ? Has anyone done similar ? I'm nervous but feeling brave!

hellsbellsmelons Tue 15-Sep-15 09:45:04

I was dark but going grey from an early age.
Used to home dye my hair.
7 years ago went to hairdressers to go blonde.
I had to grow out my grey first as hair was in a bad way.
So I went short and then when it was all grown out I went blonde.
Been blonde now for many years as I'm 80% grey and dark is not an option when you are this grey.
But... I would never home dye again. I always go the hair dressers.
I have a full head colour, due to the grey it looks highlighted anyway and then I just have a root touch up every 6 weeks.
Works well for me.

BogeyNights Tue 15-Sep-15 10:40:40

Thanks hellsbells I am also very grey. Pretty much white at the sides and very grey on top, but quite dark at the back. I know I should persevere with the hairdresser but... I shall stay away from the boxes of hair dye for now and call the hairdressers.

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