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What footwear with this dress please

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macnab Mon 14-Sep-15 09:31:14

I know in the picture she's wearing it with black boots. It's quite short (even on me, and I'm a short-arse) so I'm going to wear it with leggings. Would it be ok with black leggings and black boots? Or black leggings and grey boots? Or shoes?? The only black boots I have aren't like those in the pic at all, they are shoe-boots and I usually only wear them for work.

I feel a bit clueless about putting an outfit together, I really do like the dress/tunic but don't want to ruin the look with the footwear.

I should mention that I don't have grey boots, but I reckon I might get wear out of a pair this autumn/winter!

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

WicksEnd Mon 14-Sep-15 09:47:40

Hmm.... If the dress is fairly light material, then leggings will look too heavy with it. Tights would be better, but it really looks like a summer dress to me, not something that would work with a legging/boot combo, sorry! Some kind of strappy high heel in black would work.

It is a lovely dress though. for the summer grin

macnab Mon 14-Sep-15 10:31:13

That's ok WicksEnd I had bought it for Summer myself but didn't wear it because its so warm. It's actually quite heavy material, and it's lined (also has a sort of roll-neck) So once you feel it you'd definitely say it's more an autumn/winter dress, even though it's sleeveless.

I really don't want to go bare-armed and bare legged!

amarmai Mon 14-Sep-15 17:28:35

you could put a thin top under it and wear it with leggings/tights and shoebooties/ankle boots. Also could top it with a sleeveless vest jacket . Great dress btw.

Not leggings! Black opaques and black shoe boots would look good. maybe a black blazer over it.

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