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cheaper version of this

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Knackeredknitter67 Sat 12-Sep-15 13:17:14
I am obsessed with it, but can't justify the spend.
Can one of you lovely ladies find me a cheaper version anywhere, please?

HolgerDanske Sat 12-Sep-15 13:21:27

Is it that you can't justify it or that you can't afford it? Because I always think if you love an item that is practical and suits you well and will last for years then you're probably better off just buying the one you actually want.

Knackeredknitter67 Sat 12-Sep-15 13:23:18

I can afford it, but can't justify it to myself. I will probably never find a substitute, and will hanker after it for ever, and it will sell out...I shall probably dream about it.
Then I shake myself, it's only a jacket...

HolgerDanske Sat 12-Sep-15 13:25:59

To be honest, I know what you mean and obviously you can completely ignore me if you really don't want to spend it, but it's really better to just have one or two really good jackets that you absolutely love, than four or five, or more, cheaper, almost-but-not-quite substitutes. You will get much more use out of items you love, and you will feel good and happy every time you wear them.

Knackeredknitter67 Sat 12-Sep-15 13:27:52

I know you're right

HolgerDanske Sat 12-Sep-15 13:33:59

I don't have a lot of money (I mean I have enough to live comfortably and extra for things I want/'need', but I can't just buy things whenever I want) and I used to do the settling for more items that were sort of what I wanted but not really, but I always felt disappointed and quite deflated when I tried to dress myself. In the past six months or so I have worked hard to really think about making careful purchases that actually make sense, even if they're more expensive. It has made such a difference. I am much, much happier having a much smaller wardrobe where every item is something I love and really like to wear. Everything I buy makes sense long-term and fits properly into my little capsule wardrobe. It works out cheaper in the long run because I buy better quality and I wear them a lot more, and I don't have to keep buying new things.

Greengardenpixie Sat 12-Sep-15 13:36:39

I think its lovely. Thats no help. Agree with the above post. You could order it to try and get it out of your system. It may not be as nice as you think on. It is bloody expensive though. Its unsual as the buttons are off set slightly. I could say wait for the sale but chances are it may sell out.

BikeRunSki Sat 12-Sep-15 14:44:02

I had a very similar jacket, from a charity shop, which I recently returned to the charity shop. I had it for about 4 years and it really wasn't as useful as it looked it should be. Problems were it wasn't waterproof, too warm for summer, too cold for winter and not smart enough for work. There were about 5 days a year I could wear it, and I just don't have the space for something that un-useful. Nice jacket though. Have you tried Gap for something similar?

HolgerDanske Sat 12-Sep-15 14:55:16

Hmmm for me it looks like a perfect autumn jacket. Not in style, if I'm honest, as it's not really my thing, but that's down to personal opinion of course. But I can't stand thick, warm jackets until winter is well and truly underway, so I need denim/cotton jackets for Sept-Nov and sometimes even into Dec. I use mine at weekends and on casual evenings out. I suppose it just depends on one's general lifestyle as to whether or not it would be a useful item.

I don't like it, sorry, and don't think it would go well with many things either. You couldn't wear it with blue jeans and it's not a good shape for many skirts. It also doesn't look very flattering. I think you could do a lot better, for even half the price.

BikeRunSki Sat 12-Sep-15 17:15:24

Perfect autumn jacket if you love somewhere where it doesn't rain much Holger.

Greengardenpixie Sat 12-Sep-15 17:23:26

Well agree with the practicality argument. It isnt smart enough for work unless you have a kind of casual workplace. It would match quite a few things but it doesnt have a hood, not especially warm and certainly not waterproof.

BikeRunSki Sat 12-Sep-15 17:23:32

marginally cheaper

HolgerDanske Sat 12-Sep-15 17:58:46

I live in the UK, heh! But I am probably quite unusual in that I would rather be comfortable and wet, than too hot.

Of course it has to be practical for you and your lifestyle, knackered, so if it isn't then don't listen to me wink

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