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What has happened to Next jeans??

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phoolani Fri 11-Sep-15 21:20:08

I've lived in Next's Everyday Slims for ages, so much so they've now got holes in. I go to next to get a new pair and find all their jeans are now high waisted monstrosities which make my arse look like a mutant pear and almost double the size of my thighs. Where do I go now for a great pair of decent slims?? Seriously, I'm begging you!

curriegirl Sat 12-Sep-15 07:09:13

I am returning a pair of relaxed skinnies to next today as they keep falling down even with a belt. Second pair in as many weeks. I just think their quality has changed. Gap are meant to be good.

ICanSeeForMiles Sat 12-Sep-15 07:22:48

Next has gone massively downhill of late. I've ended up going to M&S, which I've put off as my mum shops there, but their jeans are much better quality.

phoolani Sat 12-Sep-15 09:38:21

I agree Miles - some of their jeans now have false front pockets which look terrible and cheap. I used to wear Gap a lot, currie, but I found my Next ones much more flattering. French Connection used to be another staple, but they stopped bothering with slim and just did skinnies. I've got to find something - my arse is hanging out!

BikeRunSki Sat 12-Sep-15 09:42:30

Next jeans have gone massively downhill, although the high waisted thing has been decreased by the Gods of Fashion.

hollyisalovelyname Sat 12-Sep-15 10:32:32

Topshop have high waisted skinnies - Joni Moto.They are brilliant. I gave my Next skinnies to the charity shop. They needed a belt as they kept sliding down and the belt just added bulk to my tum.

Bunbaker Sat 12-Sep-15 10:36:54

I have some slim straight Levi demi curve classic rise. The quality is excellent. I bought them in one of their outlets.

JeffreysMummyIsCross Sat 12-Sep-15 10:37:55

Yy. I have three pairs of the everyday slim jeans. They're the best jeans I've ever had (better than much more expensive brands). I've seen them recommended on here so many times. Why mess with something when it's actually good? Fuck knows what I'm going to do when these pairs finally wear out.

Fairylea Sat 12-Sep-15 10:39:36

I have always bought next jeans but their recent offerings are awful. Fabric is more like leggings and my usual size 14 or 16 is absolutely huge on me! I ended up buying their slim ones in a size 12 (!) They are just about ok but after a few washes they're looking pretty worn out!

XCChamps Sat 12-Sep-15 10:44:45

I've just bought mango jeans for the first time and am v pleased.

Jeans were the last thing left worth having in next, I don't know how/why theyre still going, they're so poor these days. 10 Years ago I used to buy almost everything in next....

Eminybob Sat 12-Sep-15 11:10:10

God I agree! I bought the relaxed skinniest on recommendation from here, and they are awful. They go baggy after an hour on, the sizing is way off, I'm a 14-16 and 14 is huge on me. Really awful and unflattering.

I was also after high waisted skinnies. Think I'm going to have a look at gap.

Eminybob Sat 12-Sep-15 11:10:31

Skinnies not skinniest

wonkylegs Sat 12-Sep-15 11:13:18

Yep another one who used to always buy next jeans but wouldn't touch them with a barge pole now.

curriegirl Sat 12-Sep-15 13:17:39

I didn't get any in gap ones today but I did get marks and spencer lift and shape ones to try. They seem quite good.

SellFridges Sat 12-Sep-15 13:22:18

I've just bought some Oasis Hollie Slim Boyfriends. They lovely and a great fit. True to size as well in my opinion unlike Gap and Next which are bonkers.

Palomb Sat 12-Sep-15 13:24:38

I used to wear next jeans too but don't anymore.. They just fall down!

m&s indigo jeans have filled the gap and at £28 a pair they're cheaper too!

LazyDoll Sat 12-Sep-15 13:45:45

NEXT sizing is ALL over the place too at the moment! I was a guaranteed 10 bottom 8 top and now a 6 top is too big?! Don't know what they're playing at!hmm

ihatethecold Sat 12-Sep-15 13:51:16

I replaced my next jeggings with some from tescos.
not expensive and are lasting well with no bagginess!

phoolani Sun 13-Sep-15 20:22:04

Jeffreysmummy - you could give them to me, I'm pretty desperate! Thanks for some good suggestions, although I still now have to go and try endless pairs of jeans on. Honestly, I'd rather go bikini shopping!

lanbro Sun 13-Sep-15 20:30:35

My friend's puppy clicked my favourite 360 stretch Next jeans and now they're discontinued! I did get a pretty close replacement from Tesco so saved about £30 but still sea

lanbro Sun 13-Sep-15 20:30:54

Searching for that perfect pair!

JemimaMuddledUp Sun 13-Sep-15 20:34:51

The sizing is also incredibly inconsistent. I bought one pair a couple of months ago in a size 12 and need a belt to hold them up. Went back to get another pair, didn't try them as I already have the exact same style and size, got them home and couldn't get them on!!!

yazzy85 Mon 14-Sep-15 00:57:49

The new versions have too much stretch and feel like jeggings. I've bought some from boden this time around.

ifonly4 Mon 14-Sep-15 14:27:57

I've got four pairs of Next slims which have seen better days. There new ones are far too tight on my legs and massive on my waist. I'm not very tall so need to wear a petite range, so will need to find the time to go on a mega hunt.

phoolani Tue 15-Sep-15 12:34:18

yazzy, how are the Boden ones? I'm thinking of trying the straights from there.

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