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Alpha H and spots

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Maro11 Thu 10-Sep-15 15:10:03

After reading a thread on here I have overhauled my beauty routine with double cleansing etc.
I wanted to try Alpha H and purchased some to enhance my routine, used it once at the weekend and I have had a huge breakout of spots all over my cheeks and jaw line, I have had no spots for years and never really suffered as a teenager.
Has anybody else experienced this? is this the Alpha H working and it gets worse before better?

FrustratedFrugal Thu 10-Sep-15 16:03:23

I got horrific cystic acne from Korean AHA / BHA products. Nip and Fab glycolic and salicylic pads work well on me, so it might be the carrier medium. But definitely discontinue what you are using, there are other ways to exfoliate!

sksk Thu 10-Sep-15 21:05:25

Glycolic acid often make me break out. Salicylic acid might be better for you. Have a look at Paula's Choice products- they are fragrance free.

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