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Present ideas needed

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slug Thu 10-Sep-15 13:28:35

A bit of a tricky one this. I have a er... big birthday coming up very soon <cough> 50 <cough> and have need of an idea for something for DH to buy me. I usually get books and something sparkly in the form of earrings, but as this is a milestone, DH would like to get me something a bit different.

I've got no idea what to suggest so I'm looking for ideas from the collective wisdom of Mumsnet. To give some context, I'm a size 16 - 20, depending on the day and the brand. My style can possibly be described as slightly left of centre. I would love to be able to wear Cos clothes for example, but they never go over my swimmers biceps. I have big feet, big hands and a big head so anything dainty looks very wrong on me. While I find them a bit narrow, my favourite shoe brand is this one I have 5 pairs blush I have plenty of jewellery, mostly bought on travels abroad. DH does have excellent taste and can spot something stunning from 100 metres. His only failing in this respect is he fails to compute how something like this would look on a pair of 34GGs and a mum apron.

I'm thinking maybe a bag? That's the one thing I don't really own. My current one is a small backpack type that is starting to fall to bits.

Budget, below 300 quid.

chanie44 Thu 10-Sep-15 16:05:34

I was going to say handbag. How about some fab shoes or a watch.

slug Fri 11-Sep-15 12:01:28

Oooh, a watch. I hadn't thought of that. I'm currently wearing a swatch that I picked up in an airport

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