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September, and a woman's thought turn to boots... again!

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BoskyCat Thu 10-Sep-15 12:58:36

I know there are loads of boots threads but just hoping to get some opinions on these:

DM Karin boots

I've been looking for ages for some ankle/calf height leather boots that will be strong and sturdy but also stylish. I have furry waterproof winter boots for when it's snowy, but I wanted something a bit more biker. However I also have size 8 feet with v wide toes so many styles won't fit. I spotted these and they look perfect - but I've looked at so many now, I may be losing my sense of what looks right IYSWIM.

And if you have these already, are they comfy?


Alibabsandthe40Musketeers Thu 10-Sep-15 13:00:28

I really like the look of those. Haven't had a pair of DMs for nearly 20 years grin I am tempted.

BoskyCat Thu 10-Sep-15 13:10:49

Thanks Ali, it is the combo of wide toe and up-to-date DM look that I like. Am also nostalgic about my DM-wearing youth, but the traditional type always pinched my toes!

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