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Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

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biscuitkumquat Wed 09-Sep-15 13:56:38

I currently wear 2C3 in Fresco after recommendations on here, and I love it, but, I've currently got a tan, and it's too light.

I've been mixing it with an old foundation that I found in the back of the cupboard, but I'm thinking just buying a darker shade might be more of a consistent colour.

I've tried looking online to work out what the next darker shade would be, but I'm awfully confused. I don't want to end up buying a yellow shade.

Does anyone know what the next darker shade would be, but with the same undertones as 2C3?

Goldiefawn Wed 09-Sep-15 19:07:38

2C4 Ivory rose? It's still a cool toned one and I assume it's the next shade darker than 2C3.

biscuitkumquat Wed 09-Sep-15 20:04:19

Thanks, I'll order a sample & see how I get on. smile

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