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MN Vogue Vol. 63

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libertydoddle Tue 08-Sep-15 11:44:36

Ahhhhh, the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness...if for you that means the joy of cosy jumpers, retrieving your favourite coats and jackets from the back of the wardrobe and an excuse to buy new boots then this is the place for you smile. Come chat about clothes, make up and accessories, budgets from Primark to Prada. Lurkers, newbies and old hands all welcome.

Continuing on from here

onemightywizard Tue 08-Sep-15 11:47:09

thanks for the new thread lib

I may have found some brogues I like!

libertydoddle Tue 08-Sep-15 11:55:29

Good news one Linky?

LinusLovesBretons Tue 08-Sep-15 12:04:46

Thanks lib!

I haven't had time to properly catch up but I wanted to recommend Kiko for mascara (*stokey*) (the one in the gold tube with the gigantic brush) and for the poster who was looking for a cheap but good lipstick for her DD (*queenc*?)

Great brand and good value for money.

Good luck today marsha and a late good luck for dry yesterday. (And anyone else who's started a new job recently and I have forgotten)

Gah, my memory is getting even worse again. Congrats as well to topaz and her new house.

I have spent the morning doing another wardrobe cull whilst changing my summer clothes for my winter clothes. I've got at least two bags for charity again and I only did a cull 6 months ago. blush

I did find some old favourites from last winter I can't wait to wear again.

onemightywizard Tue 08-Sep-15 12:23:00

it's these ones HERE lib they also have them in tan suede and tan leather if any autumns are interested

QueenofCardigans Tue 08-Sep-15 12:59:30

Love a new thread smile
Good luck matsha
My mascara recommendation is max factor false lash.
Thanks linus, haven't heard of that brand.

I injected a bit of glamour into the school run this morning by wearing the fur gilet. No one mentioned it though so presumably I look like a teddy bear as opposed to a fashionista grin.

FedupNagging Tue 08-Sep-15 13:24:50

Here's some shiny new shoes to go with this shiny new thread (Thanks Lib).

So these arrived this morning - went for the platform style and just love them; they now tick 3 items on my wish list - leopard print shoes, flatforms and pumps so ppw will be minimal as I patiently explained to dh and his hmm as yet another parcel landed on the doorstep

FedupNagging Tue 08-Sep-15 13:33:18

Good luck Marsha, hope today goes well. Outfit sounds great.

Nice shoes One; hope everything is ok with you.

Queen I love a fur gilet - another item on my wish list.

I haven't noticed much difference recently between premium mascara and cheaper versions. Currently I'm using rimmel blue and Mac black and not overly impressed with either. Both need replacing so may investigate Kiko.

onemightywizard Tue 08-Sep-15 13:36:26

good luck marsha i'm sure you will be fab

great shoes fedup love flatforms

mascara wise, I either use Lancome Doll Eyes or any one of the Rimmel ScandelEyes ones though they do seem to take a while to dry fully but they give great volume which is what I need rather than length as I already have pretty long lashes

Stokey Tue 08-Sep-15 13:37:11

Love those Fedup, very cool

And thanks to Lib for the shiny new thred, gotta love a Keats quote.

No clothes purchases here but am very excited about the note taking app I've just discovered (probably hopelessly late) Ever Note. I'm trying to do some research on Victorian London as background to a potential book and it's brilliant for collating notes, saving web pages and all round ease of research.

BlairWaldorfLovesShopping Tue 08-Sep-15 14:18:52

Thanks for new thread Lib smile

The app sounds interesting Stokey, as does the mention of a potential book! What sort of book?

I have been using Grabble for a few days now, not bought anything but it is fun for browsing through random things which all seem to be fashionable and from nice quality shops, but not all expensive. Also good to save items I like in one place because I can think about what it is I like about them.

I take ages to get through mascara. Usual one is a brown/black Clinique Lash Power and I have a black Chanel one which I need to try blush

Great shoes Fedup.

Dry hope you are enjoying the new job.

shopafrolic Tue 08-Sep-15 14:59:08

Marking place for later. Found glasses. Phew!
Hope today is a good one Marsha

cressetmama Tue 08-Sep-15 15:17:55

Beautiful brogues, now on sale but still £££. I salivated over them last year, and like them very much better with 20% off. Brogues just aren't me though.

BlairWaldorfLovesShopping Tue 08-Sep-15 15:36:56

Anyone got really long arms and need to keep them warm?!

BlairWaldorfLovesShopping Tue 08-Sep-15 15:41:04

Good news on the glasses shop.

Hello cressetmama, lovely brogues smile

cressetmama Tue 08-Sep-15 15:44:28

Hello Blair and everyone else smile. Arms are not quite long enough for Zara!

maradesbois Tue 08-Sep-15 17:00:41

Hello all,

Thanks Lib, queen of autumn. Love the Keats reference too. As an a level English student was obsessed with him and Byron. We visited the house where he died in Rome, very atmospheric.

Stokey will check out that app, sounds like it could be useful for me too. Your book sounds intriguing, the research must be really interesting.

Hope all going well for you today Marsha. Are you in a different part of town now then?

cressetmama welcome fellow brogue lover smile

Fedup shoes look fab

Still debating a couple of Marant things, really love this season. Also trying to spruce myself up a bit before my course starts, don't want to like too mature a student. Getting my 11 lines done again after months of neglect plus booked in for a course of glycolic peels and eyebrows at bobbi brown. My summer tummy isn't shifting yet but only 3 days into exercise regime, must be patient. Am debating doing 5:2 again but not sure I can face it. Do you still do it for maintenance Linus?

MarshaBrady Tue 08-Sep-15 17:06:24

Thanks for new thread Lib and all the good wishes thanks

Mara not far weirdly, now in Battersea. Will be visiting same place for dinner with friends.

Fly to Rotterdam tomorrow, quite excited. Nice project. and if those two things are not completely identifying - hopefully no one reads this site here, probably not

QueenofCardigans Tue 08-Sep-15 17:07:51

I've started it again mara. After doing it yesterday as well as circuits I lost 3lb in one day. I know it's just water but it's a great boost anyway. Not sure yet though whether I'll just do 6:1 as find 2 days of fasting hideous. Also on my fitness pal again to get into good habits again.
lib I meant to say that the teal cardi from gap is an odd colour. I thought it may be autumn as it's not quite winter but maybe it's more of a summer colour and tones better with their swatches?
Cool shoes fedup
Little dd asked me today why I keep buying things. Obviously been listening to her father too much grin.
I may have found my scarf. Will link later.

shopafrolic Tue 08-Sep-15 17:53:35

Are you staying there Marsha? My DB lives there......

Drywhitethanks Tue 08-Sep-15 17:59:21

Hello Cress and conscious

liberty I bought that Gap merino in aubergine ( think Amber has it too) lovely, lovely can't wait to put it with camel skirt.

New job is brilliant, loving it so far and my new colleagues are so welcoming. Tired though, I could do with DH not being away for my first week and ferrying DS with cast all over the place after work, but hey ho it's all good really. Big clothes cock up though...... Carefully plannedy first day outfit and absolutely froze, feet blocks of ice...... Just can't bring myself to wear opaques or socks and boots yet.

shopafrolic Tue 08-Sep-15 18:00:29

Bought this check shirt today as was missing my red GAP one from last year that tore. 100% cotton. Good for the price.
Saw these in the White Co store and will order them to try I think - they looked long enough. Does anyone have a decent code?
This is great IRL - looked more structured. Will keep an eye on it.
A friend of mine has been looking fabulous wearing this on the school run. Really great with skinnies and Pistols.

shopafrolic Tue 08-Sep-15 18:08:41

Dry glad job is going well. PITA about DH. All that standing around in the playground with no socks? shock
Lib I have the merino in a charcoal / black colour. Love them as I can get longer length sleeves online which is brill.
And finally sorry for multiple posts my glasses

shopafrolic Tue 08-Sep-15 18:09:33

Gah! Wrong link for White Co jacket thing here

maradesbois Tue 08-Sep-15 18:43:16

Shop yes! AG080 gives you 25% off until 10/9

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