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What to wear to a job interview in retail?

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mayum1 Tue 08-Sep-15 08:21:00

For the first time in my life I am going to be interviewed for a retail position. It's for Christmas casual staff of a big department store.

What do I wear? Do I go the black skirt, white button down long-sleeved shirt route?

Ragwort Tue 08-Sep-15 08:42:50

Sounds fine - smart, clean shoes & no outrageous hair style/piercings etc. Is it the sort of store where a uniform is provide? If not look at what the current members of staff wear and dress in a similar way.

Emochild Tue 08-Sep-15 08:50:09

Sounds fine -they will just want to see that you are presentable

You will be amazed what some people show up in for Christmas temp jobs

mayum1 Tue 08-Sep-15 20:32:08

Thanks! For shoes - does it have to be court shoes? I have a wedge heeled closed toe sling back pair of shoes, will that do? If not I'll buy an inexpensive pair.

I'm a retail manager and have people turning up for interviews wearing, among other things, iPods, baseball caps, ripped jeans, track suits, dinner down their clothes ...

Honestly, smart skirt, shirt and shoes is just right.

Your shoes sound fine btw, I'd probably only notice your shoes if they were either really outrageous or scruffy.

mayum1 Wed 09-Sep-15 10:20:03

Thank you! I really want to get in! smile It'd be fun to work in retail even for a short time smile

Let me know if you're still saying that on Xmas eve!!!

NewBallsPlease00 Wed 09-Sep-15 19:52:14

I work in retail
It sleepiness entirely on the store/ brand in question- you are representing them so for example top shop- fashion and quirky, john Lewis- clean and smart- grooming particularly, Laura Ashley- twinsets and skirt etc

mayum1 Wed 09-Sep-15 21:55:06

It is for a department store chain that houses several brands. They have men's, women's, beauty, teens, etc.

EnglishGirlApproximately - I have worked in a busy medical ward on Xmas eve and it was crazy. I hope I'd have the same patience, especially on Boxing Day!

NewBallsPlease00 Wed 09-Sep-15 23:09:36

in that case its all about the grooming, perfect hair and make up - shellac nails. simple black dress and flats or heels etc

nancy75 Wed 09-Sep-15 23:15:06

Boxing Day is great fun if you like the sound of people moaning.

mayum1 Wed 09-Sep-15 23:16:59

For hair, do I wear it on a high pony tail or straight and sleek? My hair is up to my collarbone.

For makeup, my usual go-to when I need to look nice (I normally don't wear makeup) is filled in brows, lined upper eyelids, CC cream, cool-toned pale blush, and would a cool-toned bright lipstick work, like Chanel RA Insolente?


Nude shades and brown-based shades wash me out but I need to buy, I'd get one for the interview.

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