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Pinafore Dresses

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Blarblarblar Mon 07-Sep-15 21:50:45

Ok I love the preppy look for autumn my work wardrobe is usually little dresses, skirts, shirts cardi brogues etc.
Query I am 39. I'm 5'2 size 10.
Honestly am I too old to wear one with a shirt/polo kneck underneath?
Come on ladies hit me.

amarmai Mon 07-Sep-15 22:17:14

no you are not too old for pinafores and polos. I am mid 70s and wear variations all year round . I am looking for a wine corduroy for the fall. I also like the tweedy ones. What are you considering?

Blarblarblar Mon 07-Sep-15 22:33:23

Thank you amarmai
I've not started the hunt yet I've just been looking at mags and took a notion. Im thinking a sort of Vilma from scooby doo but without the socks grin

lavendersun Mon 07-Sep-15 22:38:10

I like Nomads for winter tunic type affairs - not sure if you would consider them pinafores, I think I do smile.

Have ordered both sleeveless Esmes and the stunning red sleeved Esme - not here yet.

FiftyShadesOfSporn Tue 08-Sep-15 06:48:06

Am liking this with black polo and boots

Floisme Tue 08-Sep-15 06:57:17

I don't see any problem, they're just dresses with something underneath.
Unless you're thinking of adopting this look, in which case even I might be having a word.

amarmai Tue 08-Sep-15 14:39:45

love the hobbs with chelsea boots and polo neck=very smart take on the pinafore, 50!

Blarblarblar Tue 08-Sep-15 17:52:09

Your safe floisme grin I was not planning that.
I appreciate the links but they are just not quite it. I get it in my head and then it doesn't exist. Grrrr

WhyIRayLiotta Tue 08-Sep-15 18:09:45

Are you thinking more along these lines OP?

I think it's really cute.

Blarblarblar Tue 08-Sep-15 19:02:57

That's it whyI grins happy dance Thank you. Hopefully being a total short arse it won't be so short but thick tights will sort it.

Blarblarblar Tue 08-Sep-15 19:06:19

Yay they have it in not petite

penny13610 Tue 08-Sep-15 19:14:53

Seems to be a thing, there was a thread about it last week here

thetigerwhocametoteax Tue 08-Sep-15 21:46:58

Bought this one a few months ago and wore it loads over summer with t shirt and seasalt sandals. Hoping to wear it through winter with tights too.

Was inspired after seeing this... have a bit of a girl crush at the moment! smile

Itscurtainsforyou Wed 09-Sep-15 09:41:19

Love the nomad tunics/dresses

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