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Black biker boots - thoughts?

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keely79 Mon 07-Sep-15 17:26:13

Thinking of these (have seen them for about £55 in my size) - what do you think?

Ash Vegas Boots

I'm looking for flat boots that will be very comfy and look good with skinny or rolled up boyfriend jeans. I'm 16/18 and 5'7. Due to fat calves, find knee highs hard to get so thought ankle might be the way to go.

Any other suggestions? Budget would be up to £150 for the right pair that I would love for other. Feet are quite wide and a size 8.

TSSDNCOP Mon 07-Sep-15 18:52:55

I am the same dimensions as you. Mine are from Karen Millen. But toppy on price but I opened a store card specifically to buy them and got a £20 voucher. Don't know if they still do that.

TSSDNCOP Mon 07-Sep-15 18:54:29

Having said that I you can get the ash ones for £55 that'd be bargainous.

BikeRunSki Mon 07-Sep-15 18:56:33

Love them! They don't even come in my size (42) otherwise i'd get some.

Moln Mon 07-Sep-15 18:58:22

I've wide feet. I got a great pair from next.

NotTodaySatan Mon 07-Sep-15 19:01:32

They're nice. A bit plain for me (I like a blinged out biker grin) but they've got that lovely slightly worn in look. It's hard to find in black biker boots, they often look stiff and a bit cheap.

Moln Mon 07-Sep-15 19:29:25


I didn't even notice the start of your OP!! Which is why I linked others.

Boots in your link are nice, but if you're not too pleased with your calves they might not be great. The ones I got from next are mid calf but not tight.

mysteryfairy Mon 07-Sep-15 19:36:14

I've actually got those boots. I like the look of them but find them very uncomfortable to wear. I bought my size but they are generously sized and very wide. I feel like my arches are very unsupported in them. DD who is half a size bigger than me and has H width feet wears them successfully though and I do like the look of them.

keely79 Wed 09-Sep-15 10:58:38

Ok - have ordered. Should be here on Friday. Came to ??60 with postage so fingers crossed...

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