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stripey top fans - heres one more like a sweat

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BrendaandEddie Mon 07-Sep-15 16:43:43

I got in H&M - really heavy and baggy onto the waist a bit like a sweatshirt
i am a busty12/14 and got an M

I really like it

LindyHemming Mon 07-Sep-15 17:36:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

I like. So wish they'd do one that's more black than white though.

lurkingabit Mon 07-Sep-15 23:33:56

Like it too. I did see a black and white one Remus. Where where where.
Yes! Petit bateau. Spendy tho, about £50 iirc.

Brenda have you seen this white company top. Has that crossover thingamabob AND stripes.

I need to slow up on the stripes. Serieusement, I'm a joke.

lurkingabit Mon 07-Sep-15 23:43:08

This is what I was thinking of Remus, has a pretty ribbon tie at the back but it's a sweater. But Stall The Ball there is another.. here we go tho the flipping website doesn't say the colours. Looks like black and white to me but it is late and mes yeux are un petit peu fatiguè so I could be wrong.

Floisme Tue 08-Sep-15 07:00:30

That's nice and 95% cotton too. H&M is amazing sometimes, thanks op.

BrendaandEddie Tue 08-Sep-15 07:09:07

i cannot do any more stripes, this one is hidden in teh car as it is!

BrendaandEddie Tue 08-Sep-15 07:09:30

Flo - its quite heavy. You could shove a vest under and wear in winter, easily

Floisme Tue 08-Sep-15 07:13:54

Excellent, I'm off there, thank you.

(Please don't tell anyone on the no-spend thread.)

ihatethecold Tue 08-Sep-15 07:24:35

Thanks for the link.
I love stripey tops! grin

Love the £££ PB one - LOVE it. Can't afford it though, or justify it really, so must not be tempted. Get the behind me, Lurking. grin

carrie74 Tue 08-Sep-15 09:45:47

Love! I got a similar one from H&M two years ago, and it's washed and worn brilliantly, so may be ready for an update.

WoahBodyforrrrm Tue 08-Sep-15 09:49:16

Thank you! I've ordered both colours and the White company one as I've had my eye on it for a while but it was sold out. There is a discount code bringing it down to £36 and with free delivery!

lurkingabit Tue 08-Sep-15 13:55:53

grin Remus. But pray thee tell, how long have you been looking for a black and white top??? Hmm? Hmmm? Is the length of time not justification in itself? <naughty> grin I do feel your pain tho. I'm always looking for the perfect bloody bra. Only exists in the land of fairy tales. Made by unicorns at dawn at the end of a rainbow. And way out of my price league. (Excuse the tangent).

goodasitgets Tue 08-Sep-15 14:24:18

I have just bought a Boden striped top after seeing this thread and then discovering they now do a longer length in tops blush

BrendaandEddie Tue 08-Sep-15 17:40:37

just tried it on again

its a smasher

Fabellini Tue 08-Sep-15 17:43:36

Clicked on this as I do like a striped top, and discovered the link is for one I have already bought! Op is right though, it's a good un.

Floisme Tue 08-Sep-15 17:48:12

I went. They didn't have any. sad

Still at least I can show my face on 'no spend September'.

BrendaandEddie Tue 08-Sep-15 17:50:01


BrendaandEddie Tue 08-Sep-15 17:50:17

did you ask?

Floisme Tue 08-Sep-15 17:53:41

No blush

Floisme Tue 08-Sep-15 17:54:47

I really, really want one now. I won't be able to sleep tonight.

BrendaandEddie Tue 08-Sep-15 17:55:29

mine was in the basics section, the one that borders onto the slightly edgier teen stuff. SO go to the plain t shirt area.


Floisme Tue 08-Sep-15 17:58:14

You are very persuasive grin

Will report back.

BrendaandEddie Tue 08-Sep-15 17:59:17



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