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Bra people! I love some help..,

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Sloachie Sat 05-Sep-15 19:59:12

Any advice on bras that have narrower wires?

I think this is what I need as many bra wires seem to go round into my armpit and are not comfy after a while.

I am a 32h in panache bras...

Thelovecats Sat 05-Sep-15 20:15:17

Panache are known forbeing wider under the arms. Try Freya as they're a bit more of an up front shape I think. Don't have any experience of curvy Kate but they might be worth a try too.

marriednotdead Sat 05-Sep-15 23:05:30

Cleo balconettes (Panache's sister brand) tend to have a narrower, more upfront shape.

Freya wires are shorter but usually wider as a consequence, with the possible exception of the Rio.

Which Panache styles is closest to your desired shape?
The Jasmine is probably the narrowest.

Agree with MND, freya are generally pretty wide as are Curvy Kate. Panache varies - they don't have a single wire width and they tend to be tall under the arms in many cases. Cleo are great for narrow (with the exception of maddie and juna styles) as are the polish brands Ewa Michalak, Comexim and Krisline.

Sloachie Sun 06-Sep-15 13:16:22

Thanks for all the replies. I have only tried 1 panache style - I've got it on now, but can't read the name of the style on the label anymore - I've had it for ages.

I did used to wear Freya, and I think some of them were ok, but I found they really didn't last well and seemed to either lose a wire or shrink too much.

I guess it's a case of trial and error then? Bra shopping is so hard isn't it??

Losing a wire regularly is often a sign that the shape of the bra is wrong for you - so the wire isn't sitting flat/is twisting/lifting. If that happened regularly with Freya I'd suggest they weren't for you.

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