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weeblueberry Sat 05-Sep-15 19:44:53

I just saw someone wearing a knitted half poncho thing on TV that I need but don't know their actual name so can't search!!

It's basically like a long scarf thing that comes down just past her bust and buttons to the side. Kinda of half a poncho that secures to the side.


squiz81 Sat 05-Sep-15 20:00:05

Sounds interesting! Buttons like this?

weeblueberry Sat 05-Sep-15 20:09:36

It's shorter than that. The one I saw didn't come to a point either and was flat at the bottom. And the buttons were large and to the side. But thank you for looking. grin

squiz81 Sat 05-Sep-15 20:34:11

I feel like I may have seen something like it before, but think it might have been a knitting not much help!

weeblueberry Sat 05-Sep-15 22:07:00

Yeah there's a couple of knitting patterns for them on etsy but I can't knit for toffee so my skills are sadly not up to it. sad

squiz81 Sat 05-Sep-15 22:56:39

I love to knit! You should learn, this wrap/poncho could be your motivation!

weeblueberry Sun 06-Sep-15 07:43:14

I've tried but sadly don't have the patience. And now I've got a toddler and a 5mo so time is severely lacking. grin

Chh03 Sun 06-Sep-15 08:05:29

Have you tried lovemolly ?
They do some lovely wraps

weeblueberry Sun 06-Sep-15 10:26:38

Oh I haven't! I'll have a mooch now thanks!

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