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Jo Malone- which should I choose?

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LibidinousSwine Sat 05-Sep-15 00:39:47

I have recently discovered the Perfume Parlour website which deals in <ahem> close replicas of perfumes. This has allowed me to try a variety of scents that I would not normally have considered.

So now I have fallen head over heels for Jo Malone's Amber and lavender. I also have a small bottle of lime, basil and mandarin which is pleasing enough, but not something I would want to pay full price for. I've just ordered the real Amber and lavender but would like to try some other varieties as I love the idea of natural fragrances. Any recommendations as to what I should try next? smile

MountainDweller Sat 05-Sep-15 02:26:30

I love Jo Malone perfumes but not a fan of Amber and lavender though I do like Dark Amber and Gingerlily. If you like heavier scents, pomegranate noir and blue agave and cacao are also lovely. For something lighter, try blackberry and bay or grapefruit. Nutmeg and ginger is lovely too.

LibidinousSwine Sat 05-Sep-15 10:32:28

Thank you mountain smile
I seem to be quite "absorbent" with many lighter scents and they don't last more than an hour or so. I long for a light flowery perfume but am yet to find one that lasts.

I will order the ones you suggested (Im loving the sound of nutmeg and ginger already) from the <ahem> other site to get some idea of what I like. One of the few pitfalls of living in the depths of nowhere is the lack of big shops for purchases like this <dramatic sigh>

RipMacWinkle Sat 05-Sep-15 11:18:21

In the summer I bought Nectarine blossom and honey. It's very light but lovely. Perfect spring / summer scent.

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