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Good quality polo neck jumpers?

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curriegirl Thu 03-Sep-15 13:29:41

Where from? Marks and spencer and next are very flimsy so the neck bit doesn't say up if you see what I mean. Want something nice and cosy with a good knit that won't lose its shape within a couple of hours.

Millymollymama Thu 03-Sep-15 13:33:40

Do you want wool? Or cotton? I think M and S are fine and I would check out Gap.

0x530x610x750x630x79 Thu 03-Sep-15 13:39:30

the ones from M&S are one atom thick, almost see through. You would defo see a white bra under a black one

Millymollymama Thu 03-Sep-15 13:44:45

Which ones? The wool ones? Which type of wool? The ones I saw looked OK. Wear a black bra?

TheSpottedZebra Thu 03-Sep-15 13:49:04

Have you considered Woolovers? You'd need some imagination to see past the dreadful nanna styling though... I read a recco on here for them and I have a few woollies from them, and they have all been excellent quality. But read their size info carefully if you do buy from them.

0x530x610x750x630x79 Thu 03-Sep-15 14:03:56

my husband wears them for work, he has to wear a t-shirt under the last batch as they have got so delicate.

The bra comment was just a demonstration of how thin they are, you shouldn't be able to see what you are wearing under a polo neck

Millymollymama Thu 03-Sep-15 14:08:37

Why not? You can buy georgeos geelong wool or merino wool that is deliberately light weight and a bit transparent. Just a bit. We do not all wear really thick wool pullovers to the office? The lighter ones can look great under a jacket. If you want a thicker one, go for cashmere. 4 ply.

curriegirl Thu 03-Sep-15 14:18:40

I thought the marks ones were very poor quality. Will look at wool lovers. Thanks.

curriegirl Thu 03-Sep-15 14:24:49

I don't want transparent ones either. Not appropriate for my work space.

BlairWaldorfLovesShopping Thu 03-Sep-15 14:31:40

I have just ordered a couple of 100% merino ones from Uniqlo, though they are more for layering. I expect the quality to be really good, for only £25 each. Not sure if they'd be cosy enough for what you want?

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