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Do you ever buy something completely out of your normal colour range?

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 02-Sep-15 22:03:52

I was in the bathroom (showering and thinking) there were various bottles and tubes.
I was thinking "I would never in a million years wear that colour"

Lime green. Turquoise. Sky blue. Mustard yellow.

But what if they suit me and I've never tried them?

I could go to one of the leggings'n'tops shops that have rails of T Shirts for £1 or so and buy 10 in colours I'd never consider then wear round the house.

It's the colour:face isn't it? How it reflects against my hair,face.eyes?
If I meet my colour then grin.
If I look like death on toast, I've wasted a tenner and gained some dusters.


chanie44 Thu 03-Sep-15 08:35:16

I've never really focussed on colour until coming on mn, but as someone with dark skin, I think I can get away with a wearing a wider range of colours.

I bought a plain t shirt in a colour I don't normally wear, thinking it would be something a bit 'different' and I feel really uncomfortable in it

chanie44 Thu 03-Sep-15 08:39:05

.... (Pressed too soon)

So think it isn't a colour which suits me.

I think you instinctively are attracted to colours which suit you, but the range is much wider than people realise.

I guess it's trial and error, so try on some clothes, take pictures and see how they look.

YetAnotherUserName Thu 03-Sep-15 08:40:46

I'm naturally inclined to a limited palette, quite reserved in my colour tastes. However I did buy an emerald green dress once and whilst I think the colour suited me, I don't wear it often because I'm just not that comfortable "standing out" in that colour.

Yes, do try other colours to see if you like them, but only if you like those colours. How about scarves instead? A splash of a new colour, without the full on commitment...?

HellKitty Thu 03-Sep-15 08:42:23

Mustard. Never gonna happen.

Nc19999992 Thu 03-Sep-15 08:44:36

I'm ginger and pale and look fantastic in mustard and burgundy... Everything else I look a bit meh. Depends a lot on your colouring, I can also pull off a strong grass green but it depends how much you like to stand out!

Lweji Thu 03-Sep-15 08:47:42

One way or another I do end up having many different colours, but for example yellows and pinks are not dominant. I have a yellow strappy top that usually goes under other pieces. And a pink scarf that usually goes with sombre tones or matches details on patterns.

HellKitty Thu 03-Sep-15 08:49:35

But don't wear yellow and pink together or you'll look like a battenburg.

I love chocolate brown, I should wear more of that.

Lweji Thu 03-Sep-15 12:31:10

I am very colour coordinated minded and have loads of neutral tones. Or I'd look like a clown in reds, greens, blues, salmons...

AmberNectarine Thu 03-Sep-15 12:35:14

Not often. I recently bought a neon yellow DVF lace dress which isn't in my usual colour palette (black, grey, burgundy, navy, red and leopard print) and loved wearing it - the benefit of a dress (esp a summer one) is it works in isolation.

EmmaWoodlouse Thu 03-Sep-15 18:49:27

I wear a lot of black, cream, all kinds of grey and light brown, burgundy and muted pink.

This summer I got quite into lime green - I think it suits my colouring and makes a nice contrast with black and cream in particular. I only had three items - a skirt, a t-shirt that was green all over and one with a green and grey pattern on it - but I mixed and matched them lots of ways and had a lot of fun with them. I've bought a cheap big lime green jumper to wear with jeans this autumn, although I haven't had it on yet, and I think I would possibly buy a bag in that colour if I found a suitable one.

burnishedsilver Thu 03-Sep-15 19:28:52

Any time I've done it it's been a mistake. There's a reason I never wear certain colours. They look awful on me.

You don't need to but a pile if t shirts. Just hold them against ypu and look on the mirror. It's immediately obvious what works and what doesn't.

PennyPants Thu 03-Sep-15 19:40:05

Never ever wear Mustard, lime green, bright blue,yellow or pink, orange especially rust, olive.

I live in grey black white cream blue with a bit of purple. In fact the same colours my house is decorated grin

Wankarella Thu 03-Sep-15 19:42:12

Yes, I bought myself a lovely yellow vest top and wore it once, it lives in the bottom of the ironing cupboard now. It's just too loud! grin

I like dark colours, I'm very pale.

WaggleBee Thu 03-Sep-15 20:05:45

Yes. I bought a yellow scarf from Hush last year. It's enormous, soft and the deepest bright yellow with a hint of orange.

I'm a cool toned pale person so I doubt I suit it but, on a grey drizzly day, I bloody love wearing it.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 03-Sep-15 21:21:22

If I look in my wardrobe (which I've arranged in colour order from black through to white with all the colours in between) I have a mass of navy, some grey, black/white, black, blue,pink,purple,green,beige.
I make myself buy colours including a pale yellow thin jumper. I bought a yellow vest to go under it but the colour was horrible, think congealed egg yolk yellow confused

My mum never liked green so if I bought it she'd say "I don't like that on you". It wasn't that I don't suit green (I do but I only like darker green) she just didn't like any green. On me or on a wall, she didn't like it.

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