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Flares in the winter.

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TurnOffTheTv Wed 02-Sep-15 19:28:05

I've had some great wear out of my dark blue flares in the summer with some wedge sandals.
What should I be wearing with them in the winter? <clueless>

mewkins Wed 02-Sep-15 19:32:05

Hmmm, they will get soggy and flap at your ankles. I speak from experience

Floisme Wed 02-Sep-15 20:10:50

Mum boots. They're the only way you can wear flares in winter.

Twolefttoes Wed 02-Sep-15 20:14:04

I will be wearing mine with boots that have a block heel, but they'll still probably get a bit soggy.

TurnOffTheTv Wed 02-Sep-15 20:14:11

Mum boots? Flappy wet jeans? I'm going to look like a dick aren't I?

Floisme Wed 02-Sep-15 20:17:23

Yes but they will give you the thighs of a catwalk model.

TurnOffTheTv Wed 02-Sep-15 20:20:24

<silver lining>

FrustratedFrugal Wed 02-Sep-15 20:33:26

Very very hard to pull off. I'm in the far north and got soaked the other day while wearing flares, platform clogs and a poncho. Looking into options that feature Goretex and welded seams wink

Floisme Wed 02-Sep-15 22:25:13

I really like flares but I think they're best kept as summerwear, unless you live in California.

Millymollymama Wed 02-Sep-15 23:00:21

Gosh! How did we manage our flares back in the days before skinny jeans? The dim and distant 70s, 80s and 90s. All of which meant flared or baggy trousers in one form or another. Wear high chunky heeled boots. No heel difference to the wedge sandals. Why would the trousers get wet in the winter? You don't have to wear them on a wet day! It's rained all of August anyway.

Floisme Thu 03-Sep-15 07:10:34

How did we manage? We got wet and soggy up to the knees, especially those of us who don't wear heels.

I am really torn on this because I know flares suit me better but OMG, skinnies are so much more practical.

MagicalRealist Thu 03-Sep-15 08:11:42

How did we manage? We got wet and soggy up to the knees

I suspect that by this time next year, we'll all just be getting on with it. It took a good couple of years for skinnies to become truly mainstream and before then, I recall loads of anxst on fashion forums about how hard they were to wear. A couple of years later and nearly everyone was wearing them, no matter what they'd said before.

Floisme Thu 03-Sep-15 08:21:10

I remember that too with skinnies Magical. In fact I was one of those saying I would never wear them grin

fastdaytears Thu 03-Sep-15 08:24:35

Ugh I was so happy about getting back into flares (loving the effect on my chunky thighs) that I'd forgotten that I was on borrowed time weather-wise.
I remember the days of being soaked up to the knees. Bad times.

MagicalRealist Thu 03-Sep-15 08:28:04

Yep, late adopter here too! I remember worrying that they were over when I finally started wearing them back in about 2005grin

Buttwing Thu 03-Sep-15 09:47:06

I've got indigo ones for the winter which I will wear with block heeled boots. I. Hoping because they are dark no one will notice if they get a bit soggy. clutches at straws

CherylTunt Thu 03-Sep-15 12:23:48

I never stopped wearing them grin

Tend to keep them for dry days as I rarely do heels and like to wear them with retro-ish trainers. Wet days = skinnies and boots.

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