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I need a rain/winter coat/jacket.

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Lj8893 Wed 02-Sep-15 15:54:16

I've never really done proper coats and dh is getting fed up with me stealing one of his coats all the time and has said he will buy me a bloody coat of my own (his words!)

I'm a size 18 and am at risk of looking huge and butch in a bulky coat so want something stylish and flattering.

Will be mainly used for rainy, windy days. I have a warm winter coat for cold days, but it is wool and not waterproof obviously!

Generally will be worn with jeans/leggings/thick tights and converse/boots/brogues.

I have no idea where to start looking or even what I want/like!

Budget is £80 (although less is ideal)

Lj8893 Wed 02-Sep-15 17:27:18

Shamelessly bumping grin

CruCru Wed 02-Sep-15 18:09:57

I've just discovered Landsend. They do a plus size in lots of their clothes BUT you won't need it because their XL is a UK 20.

CruCru Wed 02-Sep-15 18:13:59

Do you like this? It's £45.

Lj8893 Wed 02-Sep-15 18:17:03

Ooo yes that's quite nice, I like the different colours too!

I've seen a gorgeous one in joules but it's bright yellow, is that cool or would I look ridiculous?!

CruCru Wed 02-Sep-15 18:18:12

I love yellow. Apart from anything else, it makes you easier to spot in rain when you're crossing the road.

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