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Need some ideas on what to wear at the gym; warning - am fat and unfit....

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MintyChops Tue 01-Sep-15 22:26:21

Can anyone advise me please? I am trying to get back into shape. I have signed up for tennis and some friends want me to do Zumba with them. I am 5'10" and a size 20, have so many wobbly bits I want to cover but get so hot and sweaty it feels like I'd be better off with less on. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Helpmeoutofthemaze Tue 01-Sep-15 22:34:31

Black sports leggings that just cover the knee. That way, any wobbly tum/bum/thigh is covered, squashed and controlled. The bottom of your legs will be exposed for temperature control! Make sure you get sports material ones that will be more absorbent/less transparent/have more control. Don't wear ordinary leggings. Depending on the shape of your top half, you'll either want a long bum skimming baggy sports tshirt or a black fitted top.

More the problem will be finding stuff suitable for your height. Long tall sally is hit and miss for sports clothing.

BaxterDawes Tue 01-Sep-15 22:34:41

First thing - get the best sports bra you can. And a good pair of trainers. If you get some really bright, neon coloured trainers you will be like everyone else!

I think tight capris and a long vest look best - no matter what size you are. Always in a proper 'wicking' fabric. This will be really comfortable no matter how sweaty you get. Sports Direct is good for branded stuff, and is v inexpensive.

The worst thing you can wear is tracksuit bottoms and a baggy old t-shirt.

Smurfingreat Tue 01-Sep-15 22:36:52

Congrats on signing up for stuff OP, it's not the easiest thing to do.

I'm 5'10 and size 16 and have a style that will comfortably see me through most things now. Pair of black leggings, proper sports ones that hold you in and aren't see through (usually bought from TK Maxx). Layered with a longline black vest to hold everything in and then add a meshy breathable looser over top to hide all bumps.

It does sound like a lot of layers but nothing escapes and the top layer doesn't add any heat really as they are so thin. This will see me through Pump, Kettlebells and doesn't move when upside down in Balance or yoga.

thatstoast Tue 01-Sep-15 22:38:20

I'm the same height/size and just bought these from M&S. The length is quite good.

Smurfingreat Tue 01-Sep-15 22:42:26

Oh god, I forgot the bra - absolutely essential. I have some fairly sizeable boobs and swear by Panache. I've tried everything else over the years, Shock Absorber, Royce etc but this is the best sports bra ever.

DavenotChas Tue 01-Sep-15 23:00:54

Tesco have loads of gym gear in at the moment, I came back from there with a medium support sports bra in a 34g and below the knee leggings for £16 last week.

MintyChops Wed 02-Sep-15 07:50:04

Thanks so much everyone. The bra is going to be the first thing. That one looks like the business, Smurf. At tennis last night I kept remembering that ad "Only the ball should bounce". I think capri leggings and the long vest with the mesh thing over it might work. I'll check out Tesco and TK Maxx. I saw an ad for Fabletics, has anyone tried their stuff? It looked lovely and there may be a catch but it looked like you could get some really good deals.

JenniferYellowHat1980 Wed 02-Sep-15 18:48:52

Under Armour do some good tshirts if you don't want anything clingy on top. They're cool to wear, unlike cotton.

blodynmawr Wed 02-Sep-15 19:15:14

Agree with Baxter.
I have found Shock absorber to be the best sports bra (38G here).
Also second M&S sports wear as is good quality and often discounted. Some of their maximum support sports bras also good but they seem to sell out very quickly online.
I haven't tried Tesco but have one pair of capris from Asda which are OK-ish but are starting to wear after about 6 months - M&S are generally longer lasting for similar £.
My favourite capris are either Nike or Adidas though which were bought from discount outlet shops and have lasted many years.
HTH smile

Runningupthathill82 Wed 02-Sep-15 20:28:21

The best sports bras for big boobs are the Panache and the Freya underwired crop top. Really supportive and give a lovely shape too.
Shock Absorbers aren't quite as supportive and are more of a "push em together and strap em down" style, but are still a thousand times better than anything from the likes of M&S.

In terms of kit, Decathlon is your absolute best bet if you have one nearby. Get a few pairs of stretchy wicking capris. They have several styles in a stretchy low waistband, which I'm even still finding comfortable while heavily pg.

Team those with one or two of their breathable long vests and you're away.

Also - avoid anything cotton, avoid ordinary jogging bottoms/t shirts as they'll hold onto sweat. Good luck!

sassytheFIRST Thu 03-Sep-15 06:37:21

Sainsburys do good sportswear - proper wicking fabrics, nice range Of colours and shapes, excellent value.

My sports bra (which works exceptionally hard, I'm a 30J!) is by freya. It has under wires and gives a decent shape but importantly NO BOUNCE. I run and nothing moves. the last thing you want is to layer 2 bras - sweaty and not that efficient.

trixymalixy Thu 03-Sep-15 08:30:51

Fabletics is a bit of a scam, by all accounts I would avoid.

I am also a fan of the capri leggings and long vest.

Tkmaxx is great for sportswear. Primark also do some nice sportswear.

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