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Best Natural Looking Mascara?

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polyhymnia Tue 01-Sep-15 11:32:37

I want to buy a new mascara for my DS's wedding this weekend. I have the rest of my makeup sorted - Bobbi Brown for a 'natural but better' (I hope) look.I like a really natural look for my lashes too - think spiky, spidery ones are really ageing - and in fact have them tinted, but am happy to give them a little extra something for an occasion like this.

In the past have been a fan of Clinique's Naturally Glossy and am minded to get that again, but thought I'd just check that you lot haven't got an even better one to suggest. I suppose, given the nature of the occasion, it would be good if it were waterproof!

cardoon Tue 01-Sep-15 13:04:06

blinc is the best - cant wait to finish my Kevin Aucoin so I can order another

I asked for a natural looking one a few weeks ago and was recommended the Natural Collection one from Boots. Only £1.99 I think.

I bought it and have to say it's the best natural looking mascara I have found. Most others around at the moment are really far from natural looking in my mind, and I tried many that still looked really obvious, gloopy or spidery.

I'd definitely recommend trying this one, especially with it being such a bargain -if you don't like it there isn't much of a loss! Think it was a pretty unanimous vote on my thread smile

polyhymnia Tue 01-Sep-15 15:25:08

Wow that Boots one sounds a bargain - very attractive given all the other expenses of the wedding outfit etc!

polyhymnia Tue 01-Sep-15 15:26:50

Like the sound of the blinc too! Which colours have you both gone for?

I originally got the brown/black in the Boots one as black was looking too harsh and obvious in other mascara,combined with the gloopiness spiders thing, against my pale skin. I now have the black as well though as can get away with it with this one!

cardoon Tue 01-Sep-15 15:59:07

Dark brown for me

polyhymnia Tue 01-Sep-15 18:24:28

triptrap, I guess it's the Natural Collection Lash Length one you mean, right? I see online there's also a Lash Care and a Water Guard mascara in that collection.

That's the one

YetAnotherUserName Thu 03-Sep-15 08:18:30

Maybeline Great Lash, the original or waterproof version is a lovely natural looking mascara. About 4 quids I think.

MrsMarigold Thu 03-Sep-15 13:38:15

I use the Boots No7 in brown in the dark purple tube with the blue stripe, it is the best mascara I've ever used. I have noticed lengthening rather than thickening mascaras are the way to go.

0x530x610x750x630x79 Thu 03-Sep-15 13:43:33

i have a boots black mascara it has a sparkly silver end (my 4 year old chose it) but i like it, my eyelashes don't seem all clumped and are individual hairs.
it is £13 but i actually war it every day, i have NEVER done that before.

just been to look:

Millymollymama Thu 03-Sep-15 13:46:00

I think M and S ones are good. For a more natural look, go for brown.

Branleuse Thu 03-Sep-15 13:47:58

maybelline greatlash is very natural looking, especially in brown/black

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