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Ideas for a new work look?

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Koalafications Sun 30-Aug-15 23:22:23

Currently on maternity leave but going back to work in Jan and want to start shopping for my new work wardrobe soon.

I would like to have a smarter look at work, (our office has a casual dress code, but I want to smarten up a bit). Not looking to wear a suit everyday as most staff dress very casually.

I'm a size 10/12, 5'7 tall, 32/34F chest (so shirts with buttons don't work very well!) and I have an hourglass shape.

I'm not sure where to start or how I should dress for my shape.

Any advice would be appreciated. smile

Rockchick1984 Mon 31-Aug-15 01:01:22

I think you automatically look smarter by wearing a skirt or dress - nothing strappy on top, and a cardi or blazer over it if you need to. I'm not an hourglass shape I wish I was so no advice re style of dress!

SaltyGoodness Mon 31-Aug-15 09:38:10

I was very much in the same boat as you when I went back, I don't know what your budget is but I bought a couple of pairs of slim-fitting ankle length trousers from Banana Republic - £55 each and they look fantastic, really thick stretchy material and they make you look very pulled-together with brogues or heels or ballet flats.

I wear them with blouse type things from Massimo Dutti or Zara (if I can find XL in Zara for 32F norks!) or camisole + cardy or tshirt + soft blazer, unbuttoned of course. I hate structured blazers but have fallen in love with blazers made out of soft stretchy ponte type stuff - Massimo Dutti v v good for this too.

I'm not a huge fan of dresses but Hobbs are great, I can just grab a size 12 and know it will fit perfectly, don't know how they do it. I would never pay full price though, wait for the sales and look at the website which seems to have permanent sale. (whisper: Phase 8 has some great dresses too although for me it's a slippery slope from there to Per Unahmm)

Koalafications Mon 31-Aug-15 19:13:06

Thanks both.

Koalafications Mon 31-Aug-15 19:14:29

Salty do you have a link to the Banana republic trousers?

I know what you mean about Hobbs, I have quite a few items from there. I'm just getting frustrated with their increased use of polyester.

I really wish polyester would bugger off!

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