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help me find a new bag!

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darlingbudsofjuly Sun 30-Aug-15 22:39:07

I need a new handbag - what do I get?
Last one was a Kipling one, with handles and a strap, so I could hang it on bike handlebars/pushchair, as well as carry it cross-body. Out of pushchairs, so the handles are perhaps not essential, but I often do carry it under my arm, if you see what I mean, on the short handles.
What should I get next? The kipling one (elora? elona?) has been discontinued, and whilst it's done me well, I wouldn't mind getting something a bit more grown up.
Needs to be able to hold:

really fat wallet
big bunch of keys
ideally small water bottle

Budget is 'flexible', which means I could in theory spend anything, but am exceptionally unlikely to go higher than £100 - though I would, if I thought that doing so would mean it lasts longer.

Oh, and style: well, it'll be my only bag, so it needs to do everything. Muddy playgrounds to business meetings.

Can anyone think of anything??!

darlingbudsofjuly Mon 31-Aug-15 22:19:43


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