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Bumdance Sun 30-Aug-15 15:12:26

I went into M&S today and randomly tried on this hat:

I quite liked it! I think I look OK in hats but have never had the guts to actually wear one out! How do you pull it off? Do you take it off inside, in which case what if your hair has gone weird underneath?

Anyone a successful hat wearer with hat wearing tips?

IWantFairyWings Sun 30-Aug-15 15:27:02

That's really nice, I've a similar wool felt one from a couple of years ago and I always get complimented when I wear it. My hair has to be chin length or longer to suit it though.
I never found hat hair to be a problem, would take it off indoors, except church or a brief foray into a shopping centre.
Buy it!

I have a grey fedora from Whistles, which I love, and am looking for a black one. Most of them are too big for my silly little head though. I don't like the M&S one though, sorry. It's too floppy and squishy for me.

HappyGirlNow Sun 30-Aug-15 15:32:42

I love hats.. I always wear my Panama on holiday and I've just ordered this - I think as long as they're not too tight and your hair doesn't get wet its fine to take them off..

HappyGirlNow Sun 30-Aug-15 15:34:36

I don't like the one you linked to either OP - it's the wooliness of it, sorry..

Like that Zara one. It's v similar to mine. I liked this but it was too big.

Bumdance Sun 30-Aug-15 15:43:45

No need to apologise for not liking it! I have to get up the courage to wear it before I even consider whether other people like it!

I have long curly hair, so think I have the volume to work, I don't look so good in a hat with my hair pulled back, FairyWings, I get what you mean about needing a certain amount of hair.

Does anyone have any more hat recommendations? I might check out the Zara one but I think ideally I don't want one that is flat brimmed, I quite like the turn up of the M&S one.

I liked this in M&S but also too big for me. sad

Bumdance Sun 30-Aug-15 15:47:23

How about this one?



Bumdance Sun 30-Aug-15 15:53:37

The whistles one does look nice...

I just don't know if I am cool enough to carry off a hat!

Squooshed Sun 30-Aug-15 16:02:28

I love this one from Accessorize.

quirkychick Sun 30-Aug-15 16:05:00

Ooh, lovely hats! I have long, curly hair too and find hats are often too small - lots of hair. I may have to look in the men's dept. I also find black a bit harsh now <old> but grey is very flattering. I think if you wear one you will be cool enough to wear it!

TheExMotherInLaw Sun 30-Aug-15 16:10:56

I love hats - wear them a lot. Sometimes you do need to do a quick comb through to sort out 'hat hair' If you're getting a hat to wear for a special 'do' eg a wedding, take that hat with you to the hairdresser, so they can shape your hair to suit the hat - sounds daft, but worth it when MOB

ApologiseForAnotherDay Mon 31-Aug-15 13:19:08

I have bought the Hush fedora which I just looked for but can't see on the website anymore confused I love it. No idea what I'll wear it with or when, maybe just round the house!

Bumdance Mon 31-Aug-15 15:50:14

I saw someone wearing a lovely dark green fedora today and she looked fab, very cool without looking at all like she was trying too hard, which is what I always worry about!

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