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Nice or naff?

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KobblyKnees Sun 30-Aug-15 01:58:18

I need a waterproof but light coat.

Is this nice or naff (size 16 - I'm not overweight but I am quite tall with broad shoulders and long arms)|MNAVFLO

KobblyKnees Sun 30-Aug-15 01:58:52

Forgot the '?'

Squooshed Sun 30-Aug-15 02:34:33

In my opinion.....naff.

Petit Bateau do lovely raincoats at a similar price point

WanderingTrolley1 Sun 30-Aug-15 02:53:09

I like it (and would probably buy it myself if I wasn't on a spending curfew)!

RickOShay Sun 30-Aug-15 07:23:42

Naff. But petit bateau very very nice.

AnotheBloodyChinHair Sun 30-Aug-15 07:56:47

I think the Joules signature patterns have become naff per se. The Petit Bateau ones are lovely classics though.

burnishedsilver Sun 30-Aug-15 10:57:09


OutToGetYou Sun 30-Aug-15 11:15:11


polyhymnia Sun 30-Aug-15 11:34:30

Yes naff, like most of Joules.

orlakielyimnot Sun 30-Aug-15 11:35:49

I think it's too big of a floral statement but I like the base blue colour.

I like the pattern, but for a skirt not a coat. It's naff, sorry - but I hate the PB ones too. They look like children's coats.

MagicalHamSandwich Sun 30-Aug-15 12:08:49

Horrible, sorry! The print looks like something designed by the love child of my granny and Cath Kidston.

Go for a classic cut in a solid colour? I still wear the one my mum bought me when I started my first job after uni. I'm 33 now and it's still stylish.

KobblyKnees Sun 30-Aug-15 13:21:23

blush thanks - I'm obviously a style vacuum!

MamaLazarou Sun 30-Aug-15 15:02:30

It's a great shape but the pattern ruins it, IMO.

Pickedmypoison Sun 30-Aug-15 15:06:41

I don't mind it. I would wear it myself well not now. I don't like the petit bateau ones at all, not on a grown woman.

Squooshed Sun 30-Aug-15 15:08:25

The Joules one is much more juvenile than the plain Petit Bateau ones!

I think it's the shape of the PB ones - v reminiscent of kids puddle jumping.

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