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those jumpers/tops with open or wrap over backs

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BrendaandEddie Fri 28-Aug-15 16:07:22

I like 'em
Has anyone seen any online?

No but I saw somebody in London wearing a gorgeous soft grey one - looked nice and have been regretting ever since not asking her where it was from!

Darkchocsprinkles Fri 28-Aug-15 16:27:11

I got a lovely long sleeved grey one from Cos last year. Though dh does always think I am wearing it backwards hmm

They have this one currently

Darkchocsprinkles Fri 28-Aug-15 16:32:29

And the Company

Darkchocsprinkles Fri 28-Aug-15 16:33:08

And the White Company

BrendaandEddie Fri 28-Aug-15 17:17:12

its the kind of thing the wags at work will say ' oi your jumper is on wrong'

I saw one a Paris and liked

BrendaandEddie Fri 28-Aug-15 17:17:35

that Cos woman looks a RIGHT miserable fucker

Twolefttoes Fri 28-Aug-15 17:18:40

River island did some last year. Might be worth a look.

BrendaandEddie Fri 28-Aug-15 17:18:45

this would have been nice

ASOS one is lurvely. Want.

BrendaandEddie Fri 28-Aug-15 18:19:06

me too bastards

BrendaandEddie that's cos her hairdresser ruined her hair and her trousers don't fit smile

leghoul Fri 28-Aug-15 19:13:40

I hate them
why can't tops just be tops any more
I keep finding tops, and thinking oh that's nice
THEN I GO TO IT AND SEE IT HAS NO BACK or some kind of hideous frilly back .

Just like tops that aren't a proper length. I don't want a cropped version of a jumper thanks. I want a jumper.


I've seen various ones in Oliver Bonas I think, OP

WhyIRayLiotta Fri 28-Aug-15 19:29:20

I have this H&M one it's lovely IRL, soft grey knit and floaty chiffon layered, with an open back with the chiffon showing. It's super flattering over my flabby tummy.

Not fond of the chiffony bits, personally. Mint Velvet have some that looked like contenders, but they all have the chiffon bits.

BrendaandEddie Fri 28-Aug-15 22:58:19

I'm on my phone so can't see the back of that.

Last winter I got a marks black jumper with a shallow V-neck in the back and the ribbon tie across the shoulders. It was really good fun when you went out in the winter somewhere cold but it still looks dressy

BrendaandEddie Fri 28-Aug-15 22:58:44


BrendaandEddie Sat 05-Sep-15 17:40:54

picked up the grey marks one

ITs v nice

DeathMetalMum Sat 05-Sep-15 17:48:45

I bought a lovely grey one in tkmaxx a couple of weeks ago. Though it's open at the bottom rather than the top. Worth going for a rummage in tkmaxx I'd say. I'm sure there were a few others with open backs too.

BrendaandEddie Sat 05-Sep-15 18:41:16

Lol. Not after today's tkmaxx experience. (See other thread)

BrendaandEddie Wed 16-Sep-15 21:31:17

i wore the grey one today with some ' cranberry' hmm 7/8 and a black vesy under

I only got the ' its the wrong way around' TWICE

BrendaandEddie Sun 27-Sep-15 20:28:31

OOH OOH split backers

poocatcherchampion Sun 27-Sep-15 20:31:08

Do you reckon they would be good for breastfeeding? grin

Only half joking!

southeastastra Sun 27-Sep-15 20:31:48

i have a really nice french connection one here prob out of stock on the main website by could get elsewhere.

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