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Big boobers - I have a new Wacoal bra

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BrendaandEddie Thu 27-Aug-15 14:15:58

The very word Wacola makes me want to say Wacka wacka, Fozzie bear style but this bra is LOVERLEE

Has a moulded thing ( and nice thin straps) without the up and at em effect of a mould

BrendaandEddie Thu 27-Aug-15 14:16:23

and snigger at 'morning glory" shade

Wacoal are now the same company as Freya and fantasie. That really reminds me of a fantasy bra I used to have

cardoon Thu 27-Aug-15 15:38:35

It looks lovely but a bit airy fairy for my boulders - what size are you Brenda if I may be so bold.....?

JeffsanArsehole Thu 27-Aug-15 15:41:16

It doesn't go up to large sizes grin

Is it definitely that one or did you mean to post another?

EcclefechanTart Thu 27-Aug-15 15:49:30

It only goes up to F confused

BrendaandEddie Thu 27-Aug-15 16:34:11

well they put me in a 32 and i am still not QUITE convinced

I WAS a 34 E but they did ye olde thing and made me a 32F which is an ODD size

BrendaandEddie Thu 27-Aug-15 16:34:23

f for me is massive,

SorrelForbes Thu 27-Aug-15 16:42:54

32F isn't an odd size at all grin. It's pretty average and what many people would be wearing if they didn't get fitted by M&S!

cardoon Thu 27-Aug-15 16:43:35

Not odd - that's my size grin

cathyandclaire Thu 27-Aug-15 16:45:42

I have that bra, I love it. It's so comfortable I bought it in two other colours, haven't got the morning glory though grin

SickInBedOnTwoChairs Thu 27-Aug-15 16:55:24

Shouldn't the 'Morning Glory' shade have a tinge of purple? grin

thatstoast Thu 27-Aug-15 17:09:05

I think when you've been on mumsnet and seen/had a bra intervention, 32F doesn't seem big. I'm wearing a 38JJ and considering trying a 36 back as I've lost a bit of weight.

lurkingaround Thu 27-Aug-15 18:14:57

Like that but it doesn't go below a 32. Story of my bra life.

JeffsanArsehole Thu 27-Aug-15 18:28:42

Yeah, I'm a 34 J or K depending on the bra

dingit Thu 27-Aug-15 18:34:00

That's so pretty, sadly I'm a jj cup too. I seem to be stuck with the same panache styles that get a bit boring. The choice of swimming costume is also limited, there's no way the world is ready for my stomach in a bikini.

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