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How to get rid of blackheads?

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SurlyCue Wed 26-Aug-15 14:24:21

Would prefer cheaper/home remedies if possible as budget is V tight.

burnishedsilver Wed 26-Aug-15 14:31:21

A toner or toner pads with salicylic acid.

TipseyTorvey Wed 26-Aug-15 14:35:09

Clarisonic or Mia brushthings works wonders. Not particularly cheap but since its an every day use thing, the 'cost per use' might make it viable? My skin is way better since regular use.

DurhamDurham Wed 26-Aug-15 14:39:26

Weekly aspirin facemask. Add a few drops of water to four dispersible aspirin until it becomes mushy then apply to your clean damp face. Leave on for about five minutes and then rinse off. I usually do it whilst having a soak in the bath as it can be a bit messy as it dries and crumbles. My skin has never looked as good as it does since I started doing this a year ago and still only about 30p for 16 aspirin it's v v economical.

India123 Wed 26-Aug-15 14:41:12

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

SurlyCue Wed 26-Aug-15 14:57:02

Thanks all! I have some dispersible aspirin here so will give that a go tonight.

Kennington Wed 26-Aug-15 15:06:12

Salicylic acid mask first - I use soap and glory
Then a clay mud mask
Then cleanse with a bar soap - bar soap is the best for blackheads for me
I do all the above once a week and I use a salicyclic toner once a week too
No scrubbing but I do flannel cleanse every night and don't use shea butter nor Vaseline based products on my face.
I naturally had lots of blackheads and filaments and they are 99 percent gone for not too much effort or expense.

SurlyCue Wed 26-Aug-15 15:30:32

Thanks kennington. I'll try the aspirin anyway as just dont have extra £ right now to be buying lots of different products. Will keep in mind for when things pick up though.

DurhamDurham Wed 26-Aug-15 16:29:44

Aspirin contains lots of salicylic acid and that's what you pay £££'s for in expensive beauty treatments....the facemasks work a treat and literally cost pennies. Let us know how you get on. If I miss a week or so of applying a facemask my skin feels bumpy and doesn't feel 'clean' so I know the aspirin mask definitively does something good smile

FuckOffHacker Wed 26-Aug-15 16:32:48

My friend had a really huge spot on her nose and used aspirin on it and it was almost gone the next day. I'm going to try the weekly mask too now.

SurlyCue Wed 26-Aug-15 16:47:40

Good to know fuckoff i have 4 spots at various stages on my face so will do the mask tonight. Am i right in thinking if i have a bath it will open up the pores so aspirin will have a better effect?

DurhamDurham Wed 26-Aug-15 17:10:38

Yes have a nice hot bath, wash and pat your face so it's not soaking wet and then lie back until the aspirin mush turned all hard and crumbly then rinse instantly feels better.

Kennington Wed 26-Aug-15 18:09:42

I don't know why I use the soap and glory mask instead of solvable aspirin since it is cheaper. Daft and lazy really.
I do recommend a cheap boots mud or clay mask though to finish the job! I looked today and the boots own brand one was about three pounds.

macnab Wed 26-Aug-15 19:43:05

Can I ask a quick question please? My DH has quite a few blackheads on his nose, he's been using some l'oreal for men face wash with black stuff in it? Anyway I have never had blackheads (lucky, I know) so I'm not sure how to advise him. Does he squeeze them out? Do they pop out themselves after he's used the aspirin face mask? And finally would a multivitamin help keep them at bay? (His diet is terrible) Thanks!

Wolpertinger Wed 26-Aug-15 19:55:29

Blackheads on the nose in an adult are likely to be sebaceous filaments rather than blackheads - small filament you can squeeze out but is back again by tomorrow.

A salicylic acid toner will help massively as the top of the filament gets to look black and grubby and the salicylic acid dissolves in oil and gets rid of the black tops. However you can't get rid of the filaments so no point squeezing them out, they just come back. Daily swipe with a salicylic product will keep them looking much much better.

Multivitamin won't make any difference to this. Have heard that aspirin facemask just reduces redness not blackheads as aspirin isn't quite the same as salicylic acid but I've never tried it and bow to others better experience. Personally I can't be doing with the faff and my bottle of Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion has lasted for ages and is simpler and more practical for me to use everyday. Clearasil pads are the budget version.

macnab Wed 26-Aug-15 22:07:46

Thanks so much Wolpertinger smile

macnab Wed 26-Aug-15 22:52:40

I have just ordered Stridex pads for him off Amazon so hopefully they might work. If I see any significant improvement I'll post again smile (sorry to hijack your thread OP)

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