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Best product to keep short fuzzy hair

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So I had my hair cut OFF two weeks ago. I liked it for one night...then the next morning hated it..realised it was uneven as well and had to go get it sorted which made it even shorter. Having spent a week wailing about it, I have come to the conclusion that there ARE worse things than a bad haircut and looking like a bloke for 6 months...and I need to just get on with it.

However mine is thick and tends to fuzz..has a wave. The top is the longest bit and I wake every morning with hair the shape of a nuclear bomb cloud... not a good look. I want something that can smooth it down a bit. I'm trying to avoid too much straightening as a) not much to grab hold of and b) it might as well be healthy at least.

Is there anything that really works to help keep hair smooth??? Any suugestions gratefully received!

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