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God, maintaining oneself as one gets older aint half time and $ consuming..

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BrendaandEddie Tue 25-Aug-15 12:09:52

this week ( ish) i have had:
* brows tinted and shaped (can't do myself am poof, well could probably tint but ouchy cant pull out hair)
* Hair cut coming up too (colour done separately by mobile thank GOD)
* Nails done (last for three weeks)
* Fake tanned.
* Chiropodist ( twice in the summer for serious scaley hooves)

Gruach Tue 25-Aug-15 13:11:12

... colour done separately by mobile thank GOD ...

My phone can colour my hair now?

Can you link to the app?

BrendaandEddie Tue 25-Aug-15 16:09:44

god if only.
You run your phone over your hair.... and kerpow

godsavethequeeeen Tue 25-Aug-15 16:16:04

yy, and when the dc's no longer nap or go to bed at a civilised time it's even harder to get in the bathroom to get it all done.

oh, how I'd love an en-suite.

Gruach Tue 25-Aug-15 16:24:39


However ... Perhaps I should talk to Ocado about expanding their range of services. One click and the colourist is at my door.

BrendaandEddie Tue 25-Aug-15 16:55:32

mobile colourist folk is the way to go. My day off, she does a drive by.

Puts colour on and pisses off leaving me to wash off - $20

lurkingaround Tue 25-Aug-15 19:22:19

Yep, costs more. Everything.
I have to wear more make up but need to make it look like less makeup (or else Dame Edna Everage here I come) and it costs more, and takes longer to put on. What's that, quadruple whammy?
Brows a must.
Hair colour a must (for me anyway). And yay for mobile hairdresser. But bloody hell I hate hate hate getting my hair done. Would that you could run your phone over your hair and be done with it. That would be amazing. <dreams on>

RJnomaaaaaargh Tue 25-Aug-15 19:25:43

Sorry op did you mean to type "am poof"?

BrendaandEddie Tue 25-Aug-15 20:27:02

good foundation, a must

Judydreamsofhorses Tue 25-Aug-15 20:45:57

That must be a typo RJnomaaaaarhh.

elQuintoConyo Tue 25-Aug-15 20:55:23

You spend the time and money that you want. I don't do any of the things in your OP except haircut.

I pluck my own eyebrows, don't dye.
Nails are short and rounded, sometimes with a clear polish on.
Feet I do myself: soak, chisel with cheap pumice stone, moisturise.
Don't bother with fake tan.

My make up is minimal. I have just started to grow out my grey - I'll be 90% grey/white in about 3 months. But I stay on top of my good haircut to compensate.

I'm 40, so far from old. I just can't be arsed with the rest. I dress in a mish-mash of weird, so perhaps don't belong on the s&b boards at all! Oh, and still wearing Rimmel make up blush the ultimate faux pas?

RJnomaaaaaargh Tue 25-Aug-15 21:01:43

I though it must be a typo but it seemed to oddly fit in an offensive way...

But anyway I clicked on the thread because YES I AGREE

I am spending stupid amounts on my hair skin and makeup. I long for the days a quick brush through and a touch of Constance Carroll was all it took

I'm not even 40 yet sad

BrendaandEddie Tue 25-Aug-15 21:03:27

You can't just mooch about doing casual as you look DIRE

BrendaandEddie Tue 25-Aug-15 21:04:02

Maybe cheap make up is good. Tbh i CAN'T TAKE THE RISK

MNetter15 Tue 25-Aug-15 21:10:12

How often do you cut and colour your Hair?

woodhill Tue 25-Aug-15 21:22:55

yes agree it is high maintenance and expensive

elQuintoConyo Tue 25-Aug-15 21:36:20

Um... how do you know I look dire? Fwiw I don't do jeans-and-fleece, I don't wear trainers (don't own any!).

Make up is make up. Borjois is made in the Chanel factory, Chanel just spend more on advertising. I have been very careful all my life with regards to the sun, so as yet I don't have any wrinkles/laughter lines.

I spend what I think is appropriate to not scare the horses

I don't feel in competition with other women to look good, I honestly never have. I wear what I wear and, to quote another MNer on a bikini thread, there are always another 359° to look at grin

Hassled Tue 25-Aug-15 21:38:30

I was thinking this today as I spent £££ in Boots on stuff which is, let's face it, never going to banish my wrinkles and make me look 35 again - but I'll continue to throw money at the problem because I can't risk it. I used to be happy with a pot of Nivea and it's probably just as good as the shite I bought today.
And my hair is going lighter and lighter so the big reveal of grey that has to happen one of these days isn't such a shock but basically now I look like Babs Windsor.

RJnomaaaaaargh Tue 25-Aug-15 21:59:17

I get my hair coloured at ridiculous expense every time I get paid, so once a month. Brows ditto. Nails I've given up on just now and my semi permanent lashes are off in case the glue is part of the cause of my eye irritation.

RudyMentary Tue 25-Aug-15 22:19:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

knackeredknitter Tue 25-Aug-15 22:29:06

I have my hair cut every 8 weeks, and dye it myself every 6 weeks or so. I do my own feet and my own nails. I don't need fake tan, my skin is olive coloured.
I spend money on decent skin care though, and love make up.

BrendaandEddie Tue 25-Aug-15 22:30:11

thats a pile of shit about the Bourjois thing - they have been saying that for yesrs

clary Tue 25-Aug-15 22:35:43

Loving the idea of dying your hair with the Samsung grin

You missed out the fitness regime Brenda (love yr name, love that song) - swim or run every day to keep the muffin top at bay.

don't do the fake tan or nails myself and have decided to grow my hair (cheaper).

Skin is a real worry tho, looking really crepey now and yet still spotty even tho I won't see 50 again sad

What do you recommend for new foundation OP?

Corygal Tue 25-Aug-15 22:41:39

I loathe maintenance but I hate looking rubbish that smidgen more. So I snuffled out stuff that, while it takes that exasperating amount of time and money, lasts a bit longer. And stuff that takes seconds, like always wearing scent and lipgloss.

Having tried everything, I now stick with this lot:

1. Nails. Revlon Gel Envy is cheaper than shellac, quicker to put on and lasts the same amount of time. Cheapest in Superdrug.

2. Unwanted hair. Epilation lasts a good week, takes same time as shaving. Do upper lip as well, screaming agony for 60 secs gives you a clear fortnight.

3. Brows. Do not shape at home, takes forever and hurts. Threading once a fortnight but home dye - 10p, 90 secs if that.

4. Fake tan. Not a very London look any more, but if you like it, get St Tropez in TK Maxx for a fiver and use a scratchy sponge in the bath first.

5. Body moisturise every night without fail, it's the one thing that works long term acc skin doctors.

6. Clothes. This is the bastard - the older you get the more 'attractively casual' looks 'demented' while 'cool' looks 'worrying'. Ironically, what with the obsession of current designers with 12-year olds and the sports luxe lifestyle, trying to stay fashionable makes this worse.

So if you're naturally scruffy, like trends and don't like ironing, like me, your style for the past 40 years just delivered 'mad-cat-lady.'

Given my love for fat tabby Mr C, this is fine with me, most of the time, but I have discovered the virtues of:

- buying clothes that don't need ironing
- particularly dresses
- upping the engineering strength of the brassiere
- wearing comfortable shoes that are not ostensibly orthopaedic
- THE EXPENSIVE T SHIRT. Me & Em, J Crew, AllSaints, basically.

BrendaandEddie Tue 25-Aug-15 22:55:27

London look? Wtaf?

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