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Clothes for a skinny boy

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theDudesmummy Sun 23-Aug-15 10:28:42

Hi there, I am struggling to find clothes, espceially trousers, to fit my little one. He is 6, and his height is 112cm (44 inches), which in standard sizing is age 5-6. He used to be very small and short but has shot up. The problem is that his waist and chest sizes have not kept pace and are still in the age 3 range! So either his trousers are too short and he looks like a Diceknsian orphan, or his trousers fall down. Does anyone have any suggestions for makes of clothing which might be better for his shape?

Notsoaccidentproneanymore Sun 23-Aug-15 10:30:16

Try gap or H&M skinny fit. Or shorts!

Sirzy Sun 23-Aug-15 10:30:39

DS is very similar and I find Verbaudet the best fit for him. Still need adjustable waists but they sit better.

trixymalixy Sun 23-Aug-15 10:32:44

Zara, h&m and primark are best for my skinny DS.

theDudesmummy Sun 23-Aug-15 10:39:38

No problem with shorts! He just wears age 3 long shorts and they are short shorts on him and fit fine. But I am thinking of back to school now, as he has shot up over the summer and all his long trousers are too short. Thanks for the replies, I will have a look at those makes.

Actually, measuring him properly now, I find he is age 6 in height (112 cm) and age 2 in waist size (50cm), just so skinny! (Please don't think he is not fed, he is well fed and healthy, just a long skinny build like his father!)

curriegirl Sun 23-Aug-15 10:39:48

Next for my ds. Adjustable waist school trousers particularly so.

BrumpyGollocks Sun 23-Aug-15 10:48:18

I also buy the adjustable waist school trousers from Next for my Ds, I think we've had some from sainsburys in the past also.

My Ds is also very thin, he's 8 but is now going into age 11 trousers as he is so tall, he's always needed the adjustable waists.

Sirzy Sun 23-Aug-15 10:51:42

Next or debenhams school trousers here

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Sun 23-Aug-15 10:52:52

Next. My ds was always very slim and buying him trousers was a total pain. Next was brilliant though and the adjustable waists helped, although they tended to be slimmer on the waist in general anyway.

theDudesmummy Sun 23-Aug-15 10:55:10

Thanks so much! Yes, I have always got him adjustable waists, but even those can be too big in many makes! I am going to try some of the makes you advise and see how they do.

PlayingSolitaire Sun 23-Aug-15 11:00:36

Next do slim fit adjustable waist school trousers which I find brilliant for my skinny DS. Any other make, even with adjustable waist, look like clown trousers.

RaisingSteam Sun 23-Aug-15 12:42:31

Absolutely. I have just ordered this year's school trousers from Next, the slim fit flat front ones. Fourth size of them I've had I think. They are better quality than supermarket trousers too, well worth it.

DS2 is so skinny, he is 9, I recently weeded some age 2-3 pants out of his drawer he was still wearing!

Normal adjustable trousers just have masses of fabric flapping around. Agree that H&M, Gap and the current trend for skinny jeans are quite good.

trixymalixy Sun 23-Aug-15 13:00:08

For DS this year the trousers that fitted him best were M&S long school trousers two sizes down.

BlanketSky Sun 23-Aug-15 15:22:06

I've bought skinny fit BHS school trousers for my similarly sized DS, they look like normal trousers on him...

ihearttc Sun 23-Aug-15 19:56:24

Next do school trousers in a Slim Fit which are much smaller than the normal size ones.

Zorion Mon 24-Aug-15 11:09:43

French brands!

theDudesmummy Wed 26-Aug-15 17:44:40

Got a pair of the Next skinny fit ones to see. They are good! Thanks! I will try BHS too.

theDudesmummy Wed 26-Aug-15 17:51:01

Also looking for jeans for him!

swisscheesetony Wed 26-Aug-15 17:58:56


bikeandrun Wed 26-Aug-15 18:04:11

For casual stuff decathlon is great, again French!

zippyswife Wed 26-Aug-15 18:20:25

Was going to create a similar thread. My ds is the same build and we have the same problems. Will be checking out next and the other suggestions!

HazleNutt Thu 27-Aug-15 08:09:07

Petite Bateau is very slim fit.
My DS is a toddler, but also very tall and skinny, so I often buy girl clothes for him, as even in the same size, they are usually cut slimmer. Probably more difficult with older kids though.

Claire236 Thu 27-Aug-15 20:52:13

I've got 2 skinny boys. I also go for Next slim fit school trousers although found quality last year wasn't as good as usual. Gap for jeans every time. Gap skinnies are fantastic especially if there's an outlet shop near you!

SeaRabbit Fri 28-Aug-15 07:32:08

Massimo Dutti and Perit Bateau do slim fit clothes IME. Pricy but beautiful,

Fozzleyplum Fri 28-Aug-15 23:46:05

My DS has consistently had leg length 2 years above his age and waist size 4 years below. We've always bought his jeans from Levi's children's range as they do the skinniest we've found. Polarn O Pyret are also good, as are Massimo Dutti. In general, we've had more success in the French/Spanish ranges than in the ones designed for the UK market.

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