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Shoes needed to go with this DRESS from EAST (for a wedding) Also need help with doing a link!

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NoonarAgain Fri 21-Aug-15 12:58:05

Firstly, i can't do links so could anyone help me link to 'embroidered tunic dress' from EAST? Its dark grey chiffon with black embroidery.

I fell in love with this dress in store and hope people don't think it's too sombre. Its made to look quite casual on the website but its such a delicate fabric, i'm hoping to make it seem more dressy.

I need shoe ideas, please for a late summer wedding in a field- can't walk in high heels at the best of times!

ideas greatly appreciated. tia x

NoonarAgain Fri 21-Aug-15 12:59:53

ps i should add that the dress is just below the knee on me and i'm not short so the model must be really tall!

nottheOP Fri 21-Aug-15 13:06:24

I think it's this one

Wedding in a field = wedges or flats

chaiselounger Fri 21-Aug-15 13:09:02

What shoes have you got?
Always best to wear a comfy pair I think!
I have these from Bhs £30 - look lovely on and very spangly but dead comfy.

I think you need something : silver jewellery, or bright, as an accessory, to lift it, so that it doesn't end up drab.

What were you thinking of?

NoonarAgain Fri 21-Aug-15 13:09:50

thanks notheop! i'm really grateful for the link.

the last shoe choice of yours was the most suitable, i think. the cork in the first seems too casual.

chaiselounger Fri 21-Aug-15 13:11:18


chaiselounger Fri 21-Aug-15 13:13:17

Sorry just seen field, no heels. No problem. Some strappy glittery jewelled flats wound be fine.

What about jewellery?

NoonarAgain Fri 21-Aug-15 13:16:19

chaise, i was looking for dark silver wedge sandals possibly with ankle strap or charcoal grey nubuck wedges again maybe with ankle strap. i have strappy silver heeled sandals but they aren't comfy enough.

i was going to have a dark grey satin clutch bag and silvery / diamonte type hair slide (depending on shoe choice). does that sound awful?

( i am olive skinned have very dark brown almost corkscrew curly hair in short bob style and slide would be hair simple slide type.)

NoonarAgain Fri 21-Aug-15 13:17:34

x post chaise.

I'm not very good at accessorising... maybe choker style necklace as its a high neckline..?

NoonarAgain Fri 21-Aug-15 13:19:49

would you go for silver shoes or its that too unsubtle? would black with jewels be better?

GothicRainbow Fri 21-Aug-15 13:21:34

I think black wedges could be the way forward. Think the dress is absolutely gorgeous.

Have you thought about a sandal with a chunky heal? I quite liked these ones:,default,pd.html

Adds abit of sparkle!

NoonarAgain Fri 21-Aug-15 13:26:35

gothic, thanks. glad to have my dress choice endorsed. i'd never have thought of those shoes but certainly an idea, although 'not very me' at least i could walk in them!

NoonarAgain Fri 21-Aug-15 13:27:47

need to pop out but will be back later to check thread x

Obs2015 Fri 21-Aug-15 13:53:36

I think black wedges would be great.

SymbollocksInteractionism Fri 21-Aug-15 13:57:21

I wouldn't wear any kind of neck jewellery. Earrings and a cuff type thing on one wrist would look good with a statement ring on the other hand?

SymbollocksInteractionism Fri 21-Aug-15 14:19:24

How about these?

NoonarAgain Fri 21-Aug-15 15:40:50

ok...inspired by gothic, I've bought a pair of sandals from Dune called 'marcee' (black). perhaps some kind person could do a link for me? i hope MN approves of the shoe choice!

i don't really wear earrings as they make my ears go septic!! and am set on some some of spangly hair slide so that should be enough, along with a bracelety thing.

NoonarAgain Fri 21-Aug-15 15:41:41

oh and a big thanks to symboll for the jewellery advice.

NoonarAgain Fri 21-Aug-15 15:56:08

I'm now panicking the shoes won't go...any feedback on my choice??

AnthonyPandy Fri 21-Aug-15 16:12:30

Dune Marcee

NoonarAgain Fri 21-Aug-15 17:09:49

thanks anthonysmile

any comments?

GothicRainbow Fri 21-Aug-15 17:56:37

Glad to have been inspiring grin

I think they will go really well, keep all your jewellery silver and I think you'll look great!

NoonarAgain Fri 21-Aug-15 19:10:52

thanks gothic!

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