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Foot files

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sonata1 Thu 20-Aug-15 23:35:31

My Ped Egg is rubbish. I need a heavy duty manual foot file that will keep my hooves soft and smooth.Is the S&G foot file still around? What about the M&S miracle foot file ? Any recommendations please ye of smooth and shiny heels?

RavioliOnToast Fri 21-Aug-15 04:38:08

I'm going to buy the soap and glory one, it's still in boots for about 9 quid grin

RabbitRedux Fri 21-Aug-15 08:02:23

Not a file, but I have found Philosophy foot cream to be the most painful effective cream out there. It is veeeeery acidic.

Misssss Fri 21-Aug-15 10:23:15

Get the Microplane foot file from Amazon. Knocks spots off the s&g one and the ped egg. Really is the best foot file I've ever owned.

Use it on dry feet, don't go too hard because it is very effective. Then I like to soak my feet and use the Newtons chiropody sponge to smooth them.

RachelZoe Fri 21-Aug-15 13:31:20

The Revlon pedi-expert is amazing, it looks like a ped egg, but it's on a different level.

ocpwr Fri 21-Aug-15 20:38:20

I also have the microplane, its the best at removing hard skin.
I've spent so much money trying all the gadgets and wish i'd tried this first.

sonata1 Fri 21-Aug-15 23:17:28

Microplane v Diamancell? someone may be able to pick one up in the States for me.

noiwontstoptalking Fri 21-Aug-15 23:39:15

I also gave a Microplane - really very effective and about £10 on Amazon. I second other posters- go gently at first - it's very easy to go too far without realising it.

TheGirlOnTheLanding Sat 22-Aug-15 07:34:47

Newtons Chiropody foot sponge. It was recommended on here, and is great - despite the name its a hard charcoal thing that you use with soap and it works far better than any foot grater type gadget I've tried.

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