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ThreeBecameFour Thu 20-Aug-15 18:51:20

Has anyone ordered from this website? what is the quality like? what is the fit like? I am coveting a couple of things but would appreciate feedback before I purchase grin

Talisin Thu 20-Aug-15 19:26:16

Quality is very good, service is excellent. They do tend to design for rather a straight up and down figure but I'm not that and I still find stuff I can wear on there. I find the sizing pretty accurate - if you need to size up in anything then it's probably tops if you're busty. Heightwise, I'm 5'8 and have found the lengths fine on the things I've ordered.

Judydreamsofhorses Thu 20-Aug-15 22:58:17

I have quite a few things and find they cut large - I'm a 10/12 and not busty, and size 12 tops have drowned me. The quality is very good and delivery is super fast, but they use Hermes so be sure someone is around to sign. They often have discount codes if you sign up to their mailing list.

Stillsedated Sat 02-Apr-16 11:53:08

Sooo, major problem with Finery and their returns/ refund process. It's pretty shockingly poor. I placed an expensive order over £200 as my first purchase and was gifted £15 worth of Finery notes (their version of gift vouchers kinda thing) REGARDLESS of how much I spent (ie I could have only spent £20 and used the £15 of vouchers)... Out of that major order I returned only one £25 item... and they had the nerve to give me £15 of that back in Finery notes, only £10 back on my card! I have questioned it and they say that's their policy even though it says nothing about that on the website T&Cs. Then, I just received my 2nd order with Finery (which I naively placed before this irritating debacle) and it has turned up without any returns label so in addition i'm having to ask them to send me one of those! I mean, the clothes I've kept are lovely but their policies and customer service so far is proving pathetic and it's very unlikely I'll order with them in the future. * ok update - they agreed to return me £15 on my credit card instead of the Finery notes but my second order, cost £110, I sent the whole thing back for a refund, and they have kindly sent me an email saying they're processing my refund..... for £55 + £55 = £95! Brilliant maths there!! Much as I love the clothes the customer service is so awful I won't be placing any more orders and I'll be discouraging all my friends from doing so too.

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