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Bra intervention help please

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butmumineedit Wed 19-Aug-15 14:18:05

Have finally managed to measure my DD14 breasts for a new bra and she is measuring as 27 round the chest and a 34 when lent forward as per the instructions.Does that mean i need to be looking for a 28 E cup and if so does anyone have any suggestions as to what shops would be best to go and try on. She is extremely body conscious and doesn't like anyone else to see her in the nude (long may that last with regards to snapchat)
Many thanks

butmumineedit Wed 19-Aug-15 19:57:46

Bump please

Parisbanana Wed 19-Aug-15 20:05:50

After loads of poorly fitting bras, i finally persuaded dd to let me take her to Bravissimo to be sorted out grin
She returned with 2 bras that actually fit properly. The assistant was lovely. I sat on a comfy sofa reading a magazine while she was there. She is an unusual size (28FF) so not so much choice. They cost £30 each but we've wasted so much on crap bras and I've had so much moaning from her I actually don't care!

butmumineedit Wed 19-Aug-15 21:27:53

Thank you , I feel a trip to our nearest big city with a John Lewis and Bravissimo so we can try on , I dint mind within reason how much they are so long as she is comfortable in them

treaclesoda Wed 19-Aug-15 21:32:13

Debenhams could be worth a try too. Their own brand 'Gorgeous' range comes up very tight in the band so a 30 might fit, and they have a decent range of sizes. They also sell Freya etc

Clayhead Wed 19-Aug-15 21:49:17

I took my dd to Bravissimo too, she's a 28E. I too had a lovely time - just left dd with a very sensitive and kind assistant and got a couple of bras for £30 each at the end. She loves them, they're the Panache Cleo ones.

Those measurements would suggest a starting point of a 28E/F OP

BackforGood Wed 19-Aug-15 22:03:55

I saved this when someone linked to it on here a while ago.
My dd was delighted by the size / fit this then gave her without having some unknown shop assistant having to see her naked


howabout Wed 19-Aug-15 22:06:15

Just been to Bravissimo to finally sort myself out (30FF). Would highly recommend. John Lewis don't have as big a range in narrow backs but Debenhams do. Timely thread as I have 2 DD sameish age as yours and was wondering if it would be OTT to take them for proper scaffolding.

Clayhead Fri 21-Aug-15 17:17:14

No one saw my dd naked in Bravissimo!

They just left the bras with her for her to change into them.

butmumineedit Fri 21-Aug-15 21:03:05

Thank you for all your suggestions, went to John lewis and after a slight disagreement with the assistant came away with 3 bras that fit beautifully, even DD was impressed with how they looked.

Aquilae Sat 22-Aug-15 07:33:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

butmumineedit Sat 22-Aug-15 07:40:44

The assistant told me I had the wrong size and I was measuring the wrong way, but I stood my ground and she had to admit they fitted a lot better than the 34b she was trying to get my Dd into.

Aquilae Sat 22-Aug-15 07:43:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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