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Dress for a wedding, help needed.

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curlyclaz13 Wed 19-Aug-15 09:44:12

OH cousin is getting married in a couple of weeks and I need a new dress as the only one I have that I like/fits I wore to her brothers wedding last year. I am size 16 is (sometimes 14 ) fat in the middle and have chunky legs and flabby arms, so want to keep fairly covered, I also need relatively easy boob access for breastfeeding. I also have a fairly limited budget as I doubt I would wear it again so around £40-£50 ? Any suggestions where to look what might be nice ?

MrsPeabody Wed 19-Aug-15 09:53:36

Asos have nice dresses that would suit your size and budget. Will try and link a few dresses later. What's your preferred colours.

curlyclaz13 Wed 19-Aug-15 10:46:06

I probably prefer greens/blues.

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