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Where can I buy this!

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Hellokitty105 Tue 18-Aug-15 12:11:11

I love this 'Good things anti blemish gel face mask' and I'm running out but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyone seen it about or know where I can buy it?!

Hellokitty105 Tue 18-Aug-15 12:12:20

I tried to link but I don't think it's worked so here's a picture instead

everythingsgoingsouth Tue 18-Aug-15 16:16:27

well, sainsburys sell that brand,so maybe give that a go?

AllPizzasGreatAndSmall Tue 18-Aug-15 18:22:40

I don't know if they have that item but Boots currently have that range on offer buy one get one free.

Hellokitty105 Tue 18-Aug-15 21:31:49

Thanks I've checked both sainsburys and boots and neither have it. Must be discontinued confused

XiCi Tue 18-Aug-15 22:28:43

Ebay is sometimes good for getting hold of discontinued lines

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