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moogoo and sebderm

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Chopsaway Mon 17-Aug-15 13:52:41

i tried the moo goo shampoo and the scalp cream plus irritable skin balm as suggested by someone here. Thank you so much whoever did. I have had seb derm for years and this has been without a doubt the best thing I have ever used. Manuka honey works on my face too but this is much better. I read on the website that you can get some of the products on prescription now so I will look into this too.

Reading between the lines, the cream and shampoo both have piroctone olamine in it which is a standard ingredient in many anti dandruff shampoos. For seb derm, I suspect therefore this is why it works so well and there is nothing particularly miraculous in the products. However the fact it is used alongside natural ingredients some of which may be good for the skin is still a benefit too and I like how there are no obviously bad ingredients such as sls. My hair looks better too without the SLS and silicones etc

Thank you again whoever it was that posted it - if you have seb derm too you will understand how grateful I am smile

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