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AW 2015 wardrobe - please help with pics

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treasure84 Mon 17-Aug-15 11:02:57

Hi Ladies, I am hoping you lovely lot can help be become stylish. I have spent the last 2 years on maternity leave, gained a lot of weight and I am now lost. I have spent the last 2 years in leggings and baggy jumpers.

Now back at work part time i need to think about my wardrobe. I have a smart / casual requirements, even jeans are acceptable if smart. Love the idea of a capsule wardrobe but have limited funds.

I am 31, 5ft 5 and weighing nearly 14 stone ( something I need to do something about!) I hate the tops of my arms and my flabby tummy so need to keep them covered. Generally wear a size 16. I have shoulder length layers hair, round face with blue eyes and tanned complexion.

I have de-cluttered my wardrobe today and the picture attached is everything that fits my but what I don't know is if any of it suits me or is indeed stylish.

The trousers I own are bootcut jeans and black trousers, straight leg black jeans, 2 x patterned 7/8 trousers and black floral wide leg trousers.

One thing i have noted is I have very limited accessories, namely a black & blue handbag and a pink scarf.

Please be brutally honest if you think any of this needs to go and would be grateful for any suggestions. I have quite a small budget of around 100 to get my autumn / winter wardrobe in order.


Dowser Mon 17-Aug-15 13:10:44

First thing let me commend you for being very brave.

I think the dresses look fine. Maybe some nice jewellery or scarves to accessorise with.

I find jersey dresses with a v neck are very flattering if you are a bit top heavy. Remember how Gok liked to give women a waist.

I don't know when you'd wear the sparkly tops. I can't imagine them being flattering but I could be wrong. Do you wear them with jeans or black/ navy trousers?

I can't get a good impression of the tops. Are they smock tops? I think they might make you look bigger.

I think a few jersey dresses while the sales are on but you might get more bang for your buck with skirts, tops and jackets you can mix and match.

treasure84 Mon 17-Aug-15 14:20:27

Thankyou for the feedback. I love v neck jersey dresses but always feel frumpy in them . I am quite top heavy so know I need to define my waist more. The tops I have are all fairly tight around bust. You probably right about making me look bigger. I have added pictures that maybe a little bigger but they smock types mainly....easier with children!

I love blazers but again always feel they draw attention to my bust. I am clueless!

Dowser Mon 17-Aug-15 14:29:01

I've found this site. Not sure how much it helps but will post anyway.

I'm large of chest and I have some summer cover ups/ cardi's and looked at myself more critically the last time I tried one on an moaned to oh that I just didn't feel right in it.

I didn't know why but I realised all the ones that felt wrong were yoked above the bust. It made a chunky fabric stick right out and drown the rest of me.

They are going to the charity shop. I need knitwear that curves away from my bust in a finer knit that one that has a bit of an Arran type pattern going on

Anyway the website're-Overweight

Dowser Mon 17-Aug-15 14:33:02

I liked the comment that larger ladies look better in smaller patterns. I've. Always liked polka dots and own a few of those.

I don't suit shift dresses. I need something with a bit of shape to it.

I've got four weeks to my wedding so I'm going to get serious now.

Just got back from holiday when eating has been all over the place.

burnishedsilver Mon 17-Aug-15 14:57:24

Try dressipi.

goodasitgets Mon 17-Aug-15 15:22:23

Is that stripe blazer from matalan? If it is I am busty and wear that a lot!

Deeznutz Mon 17-Aug-15 15:35:40

I would, in your position get rid and start again with a very basic capsule wardrobe. No patterns on clothes and with tan/choclolate accessories.

Have a look at the common wardrobe on the Vivienne Files and work around that but substitute for the necklines etc that suit you. There are other colour capsules if that one is too plain.

Spend on good shoes an a great leather bag. Accessories are needed too.

Boden, Next, Autograph and John Lewis are good for plain basics.

Boden lightweight boatneck tops are good because they cover a bit of a stomach, you can layer them up when it gets colder and they have elbow length sleeves. Same with their Bretons but they have longer sleeves. The trapeze shaped basic top from then might work for your shape too instead of those smocks. At least because they are tight at the top they detract from the stomach.

Cigarette jeans from Next are flattering if you have a bit of a stomach and work with loads of footwear.

Dowser Mon 17-Aug-15 17:40:49

Just looked at the Vivienne files. Like it a lot. Seems a lot of good style advice there.

Deeznutz Mon 17-Aug-15 18:04:59

Forgot to add in the Toast sale at the moment there is a tunic top with clever pleating called AMA. There are only a few left but they are fabulous if you have a stomach. They look great with 7/8 trousers/cigarette jeans etc. you can go two sizes down and they skim then. They are versatile- when it gets colder there is room enough to add a layering top etc. worth a try to see if they work on your shape too.

treasure84 Mon 17-Aug-15 20:45:05

Thank you for all the feedback, I think starting again is probably the best option. I have had a look around and created a capsule wardrobe that I think would work with my lifestyle etc. I have created a collage of the kind of items I would like. feedback would be great!

There are a few items in here similar to items in my current wardrobe. I have just selected items I like the look of not necessarily these exact items.

goodasitgets - yes this is from Matalan. My sister gave it to me but I haven't worn it as not sure what to wear it with. how do you wear yours?

desperatelyseekingamovingdate Mon 17-Aug-15 22:36:55

Treasure - i am doing something similar, i am a similar shape, weight etc to you but 5 years older

I have created a similar capsule wardrobe mainly in grey, burgundy, cream, navy. I am struggling with accessories, i dont really get on with scarves - i am too busty they just make me look huge. I have some nice bits of jewellery, my biggest challenge is to actually wear it and stop saving it for best - this week i will wear my pearl earrings last worn at my wedding - they are not doing anyone any use being in a box.

I love your polyvore thingy. I have ordered just about everything now, i am just waiting for it to arrive in store and through the post then i will have big trying on session. Cant wait, this is the first time in about 4 years i have worn something i wanted not because it fitted my bump or was good for bfeeding.

I am also having a personal shopping session at Debenhams in a month or so to get me thinking about winter - i am loving having money and time to think about myself for once.

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