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Freya bra not comfy.

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Fluffycloudland77 Sun 16-Aug-15 22:36:39

I was measured for a new bra, in the shop it felt wonderful. I ordered one off figleaves and the central gore is digging in.

If I scoop etc it doesnt help.

If I push the wires out to the side the side of my boob hurts.

What do I do now.

NeuNewNouveau Sun 16-Aug-15 22:46:53

Buy a different bra? I find Freya bras uncomfortable even though I was fitted for one and bought it from the shop. I have never managed to wear it for a whole day.

fabuLou Sun 16-Aug-15 22:49:24

I love freyas, different bra. Its shir

fabuLou Sun 16-Aug-15 22:49:39


Smurfingreat Sun 16-Aug-15 22:56:08

It's not the bra for you, chalk it up to experience. Not necessarily a Freya problem, I adore Deco's and have been wearing them for years, but find other styles really uncomfortable after a couple of hours.

PurpleDaisies Sun 16-Aug-15 23:02:02

I've had issues with some Freya styles but not others. It could be worth trying another, or switching brand to something else.

I just bought the most boring nude t shirt bra from panache (their super bra) which has turned out to be the most comfortable bra I've ever had.

Dina1234 Sun 16-Aug-15 23:29:10

I bought a freya bra once, it dug into my skin and was like wearing some kind of torture device, sometimes certain bras just don't work for certain people/levels of fatness (I have enough to make digging in a problem).

Pancakeflipper Sun 16-Aug-15 23:33:33

I wear Freya bras but other makes hurt me. The shop I go to says although the same size different brands are just different. When I try other brands I know it's not going to be a happy relationship.

marriednotdead Mon 17-Aug-15 07:20:40

Which one was it? Some Freya styles may be fine. Do you usually wear a plunge bra?

CandaceMariePratt Mon 17-Aug-15 07:30:05

This happens to me all the time. You get fitted, you buy the one they have fitted, you get it home and it is agony. Or itchy. I find the central gore often comes up too high and sort of stabs me. Balconette bras just don't suit me but there are so few other types on the market these days. I wear the frumpiest bras imaginable but that's all that seems to work for me. Also whenever I find a comfortable bra and try to buy another the same, I find that it has been discontinued. Probably because they are so frumpy nobody buys them. I wish I could just have a bra that is comfortable and looks nice.

Incidentally, when I bought from House of Fraser the sales assistant told me to take it home and wear it with the labels on and return if it didn't fit. Unfortunately the itching/stabbing seems to start within minutes of me removing the labels. Every single time. And bras are not cheap!

shewalkslikerihanna Mon 17-Aug-15 10:01:21

I recently got fitted. It felt fine in the shop. Tried it on again 2 days later and took it back. I didn't like the way it dug in with booboverhang at the sides. Got my refund and will work it out for myself in future. I kept saying to the fitter I didn't like saggy skin overhanging but was told that wasn't the bras fault. I wear a lot of sleeveless dresses so I'd rather be a bit saggy in the bra region than the wormhole one.

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