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Can I wear this to vow renewal?

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MrsTShelby Sun 16-Aug-15 20:55:49

Or is black totally off limits?
I already own this dress and am skint this month so was hoping to not have to spend too much.

mckenzie Sun 16-Aug-15 20:56:55

is it your vow renewal MrsT?

MrsTShelby Sun 16-Aug-15 20:59:58

Sorry no I would be a guest!

burnishedsilver Sun 16-Aug-15 21:00:08

Looks good to me.

KanyesVest Sun 16-Aug-15 21:19:12

Love it.

mckenzie Sun 16-Aug-15 21:52:04

As a guest i think it will be grand, with a bright accessory colour yes?
It looks very classy.

TheHappinessTrap Sun 16-Aug-15 21:57:34

Lovely dress!

calzone Sun 16-Aug-15 21:58:56

Of course you can.

MrsTShelby Sun 16-Aug-15 22:03:04


Should I buy some coloured shoes or will black be best?

I'm not sure which accessories to go bright with, will necklace be too much with the detail on top half of dress?

mckenzie Sun 16-Aug-15 22:07:17

I'd probably take a clutch bag to add the colour and perhaps a hair clip if your hair style suits one. I think you're right that a necklace would be too fussy.

Lj8893 Sun 16-Aug-15 22:09:01

A flower in your hair? A daisy would look nice with that dress and "brighten" it considerably

Either black, silver, nude shoes. Or a pastel colour would look lovely too.

Love the dress!

burnishedsilver Sun 16-Aug-15 23:00:13

Leopard skin shoes and red nails.

burnishedsilver Sun 16-Aug-15 23:06:15

Scrap that last post. If you've got black shoes and your hoping not to spend too much, wear the shoes you've got. Bring in a bit if colour with a bag. You've probably already got something suitable.

MrsTShelby Mon 17-Aug-15 08:25:50

Excellent thanks everyone'

burnished I love the idea of red nails and leopard print shoes.... will definitely do the nails.

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