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Lanky birds in your 40s - where do you shop?

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Howdidthathappen1 Sun 16-Aug-15 18:23:30

43 (until next week), 6 foot tall with inside leg of 36 inches (unless it's from Next).
I'm running out of places to shop - topshop and new look tall - whilst they fit there is less I'm finding suitable for a middle aged post children body. Same with Asos tall.
Dorothy Perkins tall - rubbish quality and fit.
Next XL and tall - good for work stuff but everything just screams 'NEXT'
Most places that do a 'long' length aren't long enough for me.

I've been lucky to find some unhemmed Max Mara trousers on eBay and nabbed them not sure if I would pay the shop price though.

Any other tallies out there care to share where they shop. Please!

LumelaMme Sun 16-Aug-15 18:40:08

I'm not as tall you, but it is mostly leg (34" inside leg).

You might try Hobbs and East: classy, well-cut, wear well - but bloody expensive.

Long Tall Sally used to be good but I began to find them a bit too much aimed at 25-yr-olds. However, looking at their website they seem to have more of the sort of stuff I'd wear.

CityBeach Sun 16-Aug-15 18:40:18

Its a problem. I have spent many a night pondering setting up a clothing company for us lanky women who aren't 18 yr old models...but having absolutely no background in fashion or business, maybe not grin.

Currently having a shocker trying to find work clothes for a new job. I'm late thirties and 5'11.

I also settle for some stuff from Next each season, but but its slim pickings, as so much of their stuff is grim and YES, screams 'Next' sad.

Occasional find in Dotty P Tall.
Topshop Tall is appalling for me now, never find anything I like.

Boden has been good for a few summer dress and work trousers, but I think they're 'Long' is 34 inch, so may be crap for you.

Occasionally find something in ASOS Tall, Gap Tall, New Look Tall and M&S for the odd pair of longer length work trousers.

LTS is fucking appalling. I look at they website in vain hope every month or so and have been for the last five years, but have only ever had ONE dress from there that I loved. Most of their stuff goes back - dreadful quality and pricey, too.

Sorry not of much use. I'm really SO frustrated about it, to be honest. I'm currently trying to find a new jacket for autumn, a few blazers and a properly knee or just below knee length pencil skirt and have had NO luck at all. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Popchik9 Sun 16-Aug-15 18:51:01

Yep - definitely a gap in the market for 40 something tall women. I'm 5"10 and manage ok for trousers and jeans (next and surprisingly some nice skinny jeans from M&S) but struggle to find nice tops and dresses where the waist isn't just below my boobs and the arms are too short.

I used to like Long Tall Sally but find it unbelievably frumpy now. I got a nice dress last Christmas from Tall Girls (on line) and found the sizing fairly generous ( it's the only thing I've ever bought from them though).

Tallness aside, I do find I'm caught in the gap between stuff my 18 year old daughter would wear and stuff my 70 year old Mum would wear.

Howdidthathappen1 Sun 16-Aug-15 18:52:01

Well at least I know I'm not alone!! Don't talk to me about jackets and coats!!? I tell people the sleeves are purposely 'bracelet length' and I like cold wrists!

I will look at Hobbs and East - starting with eBay then progress to saving for new if the stuff actually fits!

It just seems to be getting harder with age - even the more expensive places - White co price range - offer nothing.

MerdeAlor Sun 16-Aug-15 19:02:14

Lanky bird was great but they've gone out of business.

Asos tall is the best for me and they have a new collection in now that I haven't finished perusing.

LTS isn't all bad, I usually buy one piece from there a season and I'm happy with what I buy. I stay away from their trousers as the quality and fit used to be poor but I imagine they've improved that now.

I feel sure there are some small niche fashion businesses out there that cater for us 40+ tallies but I haven't found it yet.

I'll carry on searching though..

MiracletoCome Sun 16-Aug-15 19:39:11

Have you tried GAP, they have a tall section online, I shop there and Next mainly

mysteryfairy Sun 16-Aug-15 22:49:05

Me and em is good for work dresses despite recent thread on here saying it's going down hill.

I get extra long layering tops from hush and Baukjen and find both brands fairly long cut in general - skirts/dresses from hush very short but sleeve lengths long.

Lots of premium denim comes up long and sites like net a porter and Donna Ida are pretty good for listing inside legs, though on a lower budget I think top shop tall is fine for a decent selection of denim.

Scandinavian makes tend to be good - e.g. 2nd day, day birger and mikkelson, acne studios. In fact more expensive clothes in general tend to be cut with more length.

Any site that lists the height of the model is also good - you can tell a lot by whether the model they've chosen is 5ft 7 or 5ft 11!

Passthecake30 Mon 17-Aug-15 08:18:17

6ft, 36" legs and 40 here too....I also have work clothes that scream "Next" - all the more embarrassing when other people buy the same clothes in petite/normal. ..

I have a nice shift dress from LTS and several of their stretch cotton shirts, some capris from Next and team them with long line tops from New Look/H&M etc and add a cardy. I look like a scruff bag I'm sure. ...the choice in my work wardrobe is minimal and I wear things over and over until they fall apart...

Discovered gap tall last winter and now have plenty of boring long sleeve jerseys where the sleeve goes past my wrist. ...I team up with LTS Camden skinnies. Luckily my body shape (10-12) lets me get away with this combination, but it's dull. ..

weaselwords Mon 17-Aug-15 08:21:35

5'11" but inside leg isn't as long as yours. I tend to go for Boden, LTS, m&s and surprisingly Peacocks, as I'm cheap.

CrazyPuppy Mon 17-Aug-15 08:33:36

It is depressing isn't it. I am the same age as you OP, 6ft, 36" leg and UK size 8-10. I want some nice quality basics for for work - suit trousers, skirts of appropriate length. Surely there is a business opportunity here for someone enterprising! I find LTS quite good for jeans but their work trousers and dresses are overpriced and poor quality. Watching with interest to for tips from other lanky birds smile

mrsdavidbowie Mon 17-Aug-15 08:40:47

I'm off to LTS this morning to try on trousers/ leggings.
I have loads of black trousers.. Why don't Next do more interesting ones in Tall? They manage to in petite
I never wear dresses unless they are straight shift style.
Tall girls do good column maxi dresses which are slim, not voluminous

Georgethesecond Mon 17-Aug-15 08:47:00

Zara-their trousers can be v long?

Howdidthathappen1 Mon 17-Aug-15 08:57:56

Thanks all. I didn't know about gap tall so shall look later.

Good tips about the various brands mysteryfairy - I shall try and track
down some on eBay first to try before saving up!
I did once get really excited in Zara on finding a long pair of trousers even though they were horrid - never found another long pair since.
LTS I find almost primark quality and definitely not primark prices - and that's when I can find the odd piece I like.
Atm I feel like I'm being forced into dressing too young and I really should have grown out of topshop - tho their jeans are great.

LoloKazolo Mon 17-Aug-15 10:40:43

I've been addicted to Me+Em for long tops and those ruched dresses, but it's all gone a bit boxy and weird lately. But I have probably enough to last me a while blush. I also just wear a lot of biker cut jackets that look ok ending at the waist. Jigsaw do them in different fabrics a lot.

tallgirls is linked on here a lot but I've never bought from them as I don't have long legs - I am just a torso with feet basically so my search is always for tops! The materials don't generally appeal but if you just want a 36" or 38" leg pair of jeans or work trousers or whatever, they do loads.

mrsdavidbowie Mon 17-Aug-15 20:01:34

I went to LTS today sad
I tried on skinny jeans and cords which were horrible. The fit wasn't bad..they just concertinaed all down the legs. Not a good look.
Everything was the usual polyester.
Lovely helpful sales assistant.

I bought a pair of dog tooth patterned leggings to wear with knee high boots and a long fitted black top.
Sizing was ludicrous.. I am a good 14 and bought a small.

Longleggedlovely Mon 17-Aug-15 22:29:31

Some that haven't been mentioned:
Lucky brand for jeans and banana republic for work stuff.

I'm a 36" inside leg and buy from next, ASOS, lucky brand, gap and BR (which are the same co). I tend to wear dresses now for work tho and attempt to rock the my blazer is turned up at the wrist look. Suit jackets on the other hand....

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