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Mango quality?

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plentyofshoes Sun 16-Aug-15 17:09:54

Fed up with the shocking quality at Warehouse and a few tops from Oasis have been poor too. I have seen a couple of tops from Mango, is it worth a shot?

Redrosesarethebest Sun 16-Aug-15 18:11:42

I have loads from Mango, got it cheaper when I was in Spain 3 years ago and nothing has lost its shape or colour faded

plentyofshoes Sun 16-Aug-15 19:11:57

Thank you. I need basics and they have a good selection of tops. How is the sizing? I am a 10.

TheTroubleWithAngels Sun 16-Aug-15 19:14:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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