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Quick help needed! Which style fringe should I go for?

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squigglehead Sun 16-Aug-15 14:09:08

I've been stuck in a rut since DS was born and am trying to get my style back. I've decided I want a fringe again - I'm happy with my current colour and length, just need a style update! But I can't decide which style to go for (I've had both before). Here is my tired unsmiling face. And Christina Ricci and Alexa Chung (if only a fringe could morph me into the rest of them...). Which one do you think I should go for? I'm leaning toward the Ricci at the moment...

(Said "style" is vaguely alternative rock chick, for reference. But like... groomed.)

squigglehead Sun 16-Aug-15 14:09:52

Also with a fringe I'll change to a center parting, FWIW.

knackeredknitter Sun 16-Aug-15 14:58:03

The straight across fringe would look amazing on you I think

Theresaflyinmyhouse Sun 16-Aug-15 14:59:26

Ricci for sure.

squigglehead Sun 16-Aug-15 15:34:44

Thanks guys, looks like Ricci it is! smile

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